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Gender Dream

So I recently woke up from one of my much needed a naps and I dreamt I had a baby boy

has anyone had the gender dream and if so was it true! ?

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Re: Gender Dream

  • I really thought my DD was a boy but I had all girl dreams. I had one dream it was a boy but then it turned into a girl right after birth. With this pregnancy I had one dream, he was a boy, and it is true! We are having a boy...maybe there is some truth to this.
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  • I've had about four girl dreams and one boy dream.  In the girl dreams I was actually seeing my "daughter" in the future and the boy dream I just heard the words "it's a boy" and then I woke up.  I will find out at the end of October.  So, the jury is still out!
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  • I've only had girl dreams, but I don't know what it is yet. So we shall see!
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  • I had a boy dream early on... we'll know Monday evening if it's true!

    I have the damn picture in an envelope, it's taking every ounce of will power not to look!! 

  • Five boy dreams with DS1 and obviously true. With this one one girl dream and after one boy dream, but had a nagging feeling it was a boy. It's a boy! GL

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  • All my dreams are that I'm having a boy, we'll find out in about two weeks if it's true! 
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  • I had a dream one night it was a boy. The next night, I dreamed that it was a girl. So, I definitely can't go by my dreams. We find out Friday.
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  • The night before my anatomy scan with DS, I dreamt that the doctor pulled him out, said "it's a boy" and then put him back in. yikes! Turned out to be true.

    I've had 2 girl dreams this time around! 

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  • I have not had any gender dreams, but my mom has had two that say girl. Hope to find out Tuesday!
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  • Both my husband and mother had dreams about our baby a year prior to her conception (oddly enough the dreams were within a week of each other).  It was also strange that in both of their dreams the baby looked the same (but that may be because I'm black and my husband is German with blue maybe a tan baby with light eyes is a given...LOL). To date, I have not had one dream about a baby.  Either way, we found out on Thursday that we're having a girl.  


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  • I just dream last night we have baby girl. This happened twice already. :)
  • Last time, I dreamed that we were having a boy.  I was thoroughly convinced it was a boy, and then we found out we were having a girl.  So this time, I am not trusting any of my dreams or "feelings"...just gonna be surprised.  We find out tomorrow :)
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  • 2 girl dreams, no boy dreams. We find out in 10 days!

  • My dream was accurate :)
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