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Can I use other health insurance to go to private doc?

I'm the active duty member. My husband works for a local hospital and I'm covered under his insurance.  Can I go to an ob and deliver at his hospital if I use his insurance rather than going through the hospital the base uses?

Re: Can I use other health insurance to go to private doc?

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    Talk to both of your insurance people, but if you're covered under his, I don't see why not.. unless the military has some weird regulation about active duty members being seen on post/through the Tricare system. Your coverage through Tricare might be better (in terms of copays and deductibles) of course.

    The military does actually have issues with AD members doing that. The coverage you have is not the same as a dependent.  You can, however, ask to be referred to an off post OB.   

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  • Thanks for the advice!  We'll see what they say.
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  • It depends on which insurance is your primary insurance.  I would THINK Tricare would be secondary, and they would want you to use private insurance first, but I think sometimes it's based on the policy holder's birthdate--whichever policy holder's birthday comes first in the year is designated the primary insurance.  (Ex. If your birthday is March 2, and your husband's DOB is Sept 13, your insurance would be primary, and there's nothing you can do about that.)  You would have to check with both companies to find out their policies regarding primary/secondary insurance.  Good luck!

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  • Your ins, is primary on you - being you are the AD- Tricare comes first on you then his is secondary.

    I have the same situation, but mine is the other ins  is primary on me and tricare is secondary thru my dh.

    hth Smile

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