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I just noticed a post where you mention that your DS is allergic to sesame.

How many reactions has he had? What was it/were they like?

DS is also allergic to sesame and has had 2 reactions. The first was very sudden; he broke out in hives on his mouth, neck and hands (we weren't sure of the cause that time). The second was worse; he made a few funny noises and broke out in hives all over his body. The Benadryl didn't make any kind of difference that time and we ended up in the hospital. We now have an EpiPen and are awaiting testing.


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Re: *ababymaybe*

  • It was one of his more severe reactions. He started vomiting mucous and got kind of pale. I don't think he had any hives. The skin prick test confirmed a reaction later. It is a growing allergen unfortunately in Canada they label for it because it's so common.

    If you do suspect sesame, be careful with packaged breads. Almost all of them are xtam. The only safe bread I can find for DS who has a milk allergy too are dempsters thin bagels! For some reason they are made somewhere different than the reg bagels. Anyway a tangent but just FYI :
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  • Yes, I've noticed that about breads. Sucks. I can't believe there is not one loaf of bread out there that isn't at risk of xcontamination.

    I had noticed on the Health Canada website that it was now one of the top allergens, and our Dr said the same thing at DS's 12m appt.

    At this point, we are 99.5% sure that he has a sesame allergy. We're just waiting (and really hoping there isn't) for his testing to find out if there are more.

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