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DD seems to have colic... She's very gassy all of the time. You can hear the bubbles rumble in her tummy, and she burps and farts frequently. I BF and burp her in 3 different positions after she finishes each side. She's miserable, especially at night- she tends to arch her back and kick her legs on her own. We've tried gas drops, gripe water, bicycle kicks, warm compress, movement, sleeping on an incline, rubbing her belly in little circles, a paci, the 5 S's (yes, I've watched Happiest Baby on the Block)...

Is anyone else dealing with this? I just want a happy baby, but from what I read, this could go on for months still. She's in obvious discomfort and is inconsolable at night. I haven't talked to the pedi about this yet because I can't think of anything they'd be able to do to help either... is it worth calling about colic? Thanks for reading!

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  • I'm going through the same thing right now. right around 6-10pm she starts crying and nothing we do seems to help. The only thing that seems to help is a bath. I gave LO a bath when she started getting fussy and she stopped crying as soon as she hit the warm water. It didn't keep her from fussing completely once the bath was over but she didn't cry for near as long.
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  • L started her colic around 3 weeks. We tried everything you have. We would take turns walking her because that seemed to help a bit. I would hold her on my hip facing outward. We would also do the colic massage after each nap, watch it on YouTube. L was also very gassy and ended up with silent reflux. She was also intolerant to cows milk and soy. Poor thing! Around 8 weeks is when it kind of just ended. We used colic calm gripe water, helped some night. 

    Since you bf have you thought of changing your diet? Check out mspi diets. That seemed to help some of the ladies on my BMB.

    Baths helped L too, especially towards the end of crying. I never did this but someone told me to get in the tub with baby and do skin to skin.

    I know it's tough.  It will end! And you know what, when my baby is fussy now it's nothing compared to colic! And my baby seems like a breeze now, you will see! Hang in there and make sure DH helps. Take a shower while LO is crying if you need to get away. 


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  • Thanks, ladies.  I was trying to avoid cutting dairy out completely because we eat a ton of italian food, and there seems to be cheese in everything.  Sounds like I'll have to try it though.  DH is a huge help, so we'll get through it even if it lasts a few months.  Hopefully the mspi diet will be the key though!
  • Our first had colic and reflux.  The arching might be reflux, that was a sign in our first and now second.  She was just put on zantac today to help with reflux.  What I did with DD1 was I had whitenoise blasting all the time.  I put a playlist on my ipod and then either plugged it into the ihome next to her rock n play and turned it up loud or used little speakers and had it in her carseat next to her while I walked her around in the stroller.  I too did the 5 S's and with the whitenoise it really helped.  I looked like a crazy woman looking for the most uneven ground to take the stroller on because the movement helped a lot too.  But I did survive and she was a much happier baby. 
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  • IMO it's definitely worth it!  My LO was miserable and was constantly crying, grunting, squirming, lots of terrible gas, etc.  He couldn't sleep he was so uncomfortable.  I'll give you some links that will help you eliminate dairy from your diet, it's definitely tough but hang in there it gets easier I promise!!  Just be sure to eliminate ALL dairy, that means milk, cheese, yogurt, etc. AND casein, whey, etc found in many breads, baked goods, even spices!  You really have to read labels carefully because dairy (and soy) are found in many pre-packaged foods and your LO can still react to hidden proteins.

    And give it time to work, the general rule of thumb is at least two weeks because it takes time for all of the proteins to leave your system and your LO's.  

    I would consider eliminating soy as well because half of all babies who cannot tolerate dairy also have trouble with soy because their proteins are so similar.  Once you get a baseline established and your LO comfortable then you could try reintroducing soy into your diet and see if your LO tolerates it. 

    It would be worth talking to the doctor about possible reflux too.  My DS2 had reflux that we were able to treat/control using Zantac until he turned one.  DS3 has MSPI and his reflux was actually a symptom of his food intolerances so once we got my diet straight his reflux cleared up. 

    Common CMA Symptoms 
    Elimination Diets : 
    allergy-friendly cookbook: 

    Good luck!!!  
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