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Besides milk/formula what do you give your child to drink? I know your not suppose to give them a lot of juice, absolutely no pop, ... I do water, and juice w/ half water, anything else?
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Re: drink

  • Just milk and water. 
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    Just milk and water. 


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  • Just milk, water and maybe watered down juice occasionally.
  • I've never given anything but formula/milk or water, and I don't see a reason to start anytime soon.  LO is 12 mo 2 weeks old.
  • Just milk and water. If she is constipated some watered down Gatorade helps.
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  • My DD is closing in one 2 yrs and I give her lemonade occasionally.....mostly water or milk though
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    Just milk and water here too. 
  • I've given her Iced chamomile tea or decaf. iced tea maybe 3-4 times this summer on really hot days, she loved it.  (she wanted to drink what I was drinking)
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  • We do breastmilk, lots of water and undilluted OJ w/ calcium.  LO is dairy intollerant and we give her the OJ for the calcium.
  • Water and milk here 99% of the time.

    I do flavor her water sometimes though with something harmless like fresh lemon or cucumber slices. She thinks it's the greatest treat.

    She gets watered down juice like once a monthish just for something fun. But I'm talking like an ounce of juice in an 8 oz. sippy..so really watered down.

    She gets full juice at my parents..but we go like every 3 months..so NBD.

  • Only water and milk up until 18m.

    Last week, I got some fresh organic apple cider from a local orchard and gave some to her cut with water. It's pasteurized and is basically nothing but squeezed organic apples, so I'm okay with it, though generally against juice.
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  • It depends a bit on the age of your LO.

    DD is 22 months old, and she gets milk, 1 cup of 1/2 milk and 1/2 juice, occasionally a few sips of water.  Now she gets PediaSure, but that was her pediatrician's decision (because of her poor weight gain).  Before then, we were told that she should have somewhere between 18-24 ounces of milk a day and then that we should give juice/water for her other beverages if she was still thirsty... this was mainly for the summer and when she's active so she doesn't get dehydrated.  If a toddler has too too much milk, it isn't necessarily good for them.  Talk to your pediatrician if you're concerned, and they can help you out soe more Big Smile

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