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Moms of 2- Is this a good price on a (used) double BOB stroller?

Hi Moms-

I've been looking for a used double BOB stroller for quite some time and have finally found one for $320.  It's a 2010 and comes with the cup holder accessory.

Do you think this is a good deal or do you think I could find a better deal, if I hold out a little longer?

The new ones retail for $479-what are  your thoughts??

Thanks :)

Re: Moms of 2- Is this a good price on a (used) double BOB stroller?

  • I think good price.  I looked for months for a used double Bob and finally just had to buy a new one.  I love it, but would rather have found a used one.
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  • Depends.  If you are a big runner or are married to one that BOB will get ABUSED.  Ours is beat up, sweated on, you name it.  We do trail and paved runs - usually 10k or more at a time.  It was the only double we bought and it went everywhere the first year but its not super fun to take to the mall.  We still use it pretty often (only on runs) and the kids are 4 and 2.  We will probably try to keep it another year and get a solid 3 years out of it.  But honestly most people just like to stroll the neighborhood so a nice used one will be fine - just make sure the tires are good and the seats are nice and clean.  But get the new one with all the bells and whistles if you plan to train for 10ks and half marathons with it.  Either way you will love it.  Some sites offer 20% off so make sure to do a google search for coupons before you buy.  We got our whole set up for right at $500 with the handle console plus the car seat adapter/snack tray.
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  • I think it is a good price if the stroller is in good condition. I sold my single BOB for $300 but it was in perfect condition.
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  • There was a used duallie (several years old) advertised on our parents' association listserve for $250, and it didn't last long at all. I think you found a good price as long as it's in good condition. If it has gotten used as little as we use our Bob Rev single it should be an awesome deal.

    I think I've seen that some people are finding new Duallies for $400 or $420. That's the only thing that would give me pause.

  • Yes, I sold a used 2008 BOB last year for $400 or maybe $425 cannot remember. Obviously you will inspect it for damages and look at pictures and in person.
  • Which new bob are you looking at? The bob revolution double is 599 new and the one with the moving front wheel. So 320 would be good if it's in good condition and a revolution. Most of the revolution bob doubles go for 400450.
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  • Where did you sell yours?  Was it Craigslist?  Thanks!
  • The duallie is $490 on Amazon with free shipping. Someone on the 2nd Tri board posted a link (maybe a couple of weeks ago?) to a site selling new duallies for $420 when you used a discount code. I checked it out, and it worked for me at the time, but I don't know if it still works. I almost went for it but decided to go in another direction since my older son is three and doesn't use a stroller much at all. You can probably find the link with a term search. Someone else on the bump or the baby bargains site recently posted something about finding a new duallie for $400. You can probably do a search and find it. I think that was in the last few days. I don't think she posted the site, but if you ask, I imagine she would tell you where she found it. I think the company has a price floor for its retailers, but I guess some breach that contractual term and sell below the floor. I might still pay $400 for a used one in good condition that comes with some extras, but I see used ones for sale for substantially less than that every once in a while on our parents' association listserve. I would be much more comfortable buying from another neighborhood parent than from craigslist in any event. Good luck!
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