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Baby gifts from the hospital?

Did the hospital where you had your baby give you a gift before/when you left? I've heard some places give you t-shirts, blankets, a teddy bear, etc. If you did get a gift, I'm curious what they gave you and whether you liked it/used it.

I didn't get a gift, but now the hospital is asking for my feedback on what would have been useful or memorable. I can't really think of anything since we already have plenty of baby t-shirts and blankets, but I thought I'd ask to see if anyone else had ideas.



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  • The hospital doesn't give gifts, but in every room is a bag from the library with a couple books for baby, and a cd of nursery music, and pamphlets of the different mom and tot days they have. 
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  • The theme at the hospital where we had DD is "A Star Is Born," so we got a star stuffed animal with the name of the hospital. It's cute and we'll let her play with it, but it isn't anything special.
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  • The hospital was celebrating its 100th anniversary, so we received a onesie with the logo.  We also received a small, soft-sided cooler, which can be used to transport breastmilk.  Various ladies knit or crochet hats for all of the babies, so we got one of those, too.

    We haven't used the onesie yet because it is for 6-9 months, but we probably will use it.  The cooler has come in handy. 

    After having been a foster parent, I think all babies should go home with a book to help promote the importance of reading to children.  (Every time that we dropped off/picked up kids from visits with their biological parents, we noticed that we never saw any books out.)  Each book could contain a list of ideas for promoting literacy at different stages of development. 

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  • we can a three course meal from a fancy restraunt.

    and they told us to take anything that wasnt nailed down lol.


  • I got a quilt, a gift bag with formula, diapers, the leftover wipes, bath stuff, Vaseline, etc.
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  • There was a freebie bag with formula samples and books and a cooler bag. DS also was in the NICU a few nights and someone made blankets for the babies in there so we have that too.

  • We got a newborn shirt with the hospital logo on it, and the local newspaper from the day she was born - I thought that was such a cute idea! I also got a little tote bag with toiletries in it. And they gave me formula samples before I went home. 
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  • A couple of our nurses gave us packs of diapers. 100 newborn and 120 size one.
  • We got a nice diaper bag full of mommy stuff (pads, squirt bottle, mesh underwear, shampoo/conditioner, soap and lotion set, etc). But we also got a handmade hat, a blanket, and a footsie outfit for baby.



  • It has been a LONG time since I had a baby...9 years...and I am now pregnant and due after the 1st of the year, but, when I had my last one, the hospital gave us a daiper bag full of samples. Some were useful, like the daiper bag, the daipers the wipes, some not so much like the formula (I was and will forever be a breastfeeding mom!) and coupons for places we never shopped.

    Now that I am giving birth on an Army installation, I am not sure if they give anything other than a "Goodluck!" and a pat on the back. I will find out soon I suppose. I have a friend who is due in 2 weeks and will deliver at the same hospital.

    I would venture to say, any samples they could have provided you (which a lot of hospitals now will give if you ask, but you have to know to ask) or any useful baby items like clothing, blankets, stuffed animals etc. would be nice. Anything else, just seems like a waste of money on the part of the hospital and another thing you won't need.

    Congratulations on your little one and good luck! They are a lot of fun...seems like yesterday mine were just coming home from the hospital. Now they are 11 and 9. And I have one (possibly two - find out in 3 weeks...) on the way again. the time flies! Enjoy!

  • We were given 2 cotton halo sleep sacks with the hospitals name embroidered on them we were also given a fleece halo sleep sack in preemie size from the nicu. They gave us 3 packs of diapers, 2 packs of wipes, along with about 15 of the enfamil liquid formula.

    For me 2 of the 5 packs of the underwear and 2 packages of pads. The nurse told DH she would get him a cart to help with loading the car and came back with lots of goodies!
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  • The hospital my step-mom works at actually gives every new baby a carseat...
  • They gave us a fleece halo sleeper sack, plus we were free to take all the supplies, like diapers, thermometer, etc.
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  • With DS1 we got a little stuffed giraffe, a bib, robe for me, onsie, and slippers all with the name of the hospital on them. For both boys we also got the standard diapers, dry wipes, pads, mesh underwear...

    I really liked having the robe. I haven't worn it since because I don't usually wear them, but it was nice to have in the hospital.
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  • A diaper bag, receiving blanket, a hand knitted hat, and any supplies that were left in the room (literally a huge garbage bag full of stuff).  The hospital also gave us campaign flutes that said, "Its a boy," from a special meal it gives in-room for newborn parents.
  • Nadda here other than being told we could take the left over diapers, there were about 10 left in his bassinet. At the hospital we delivered at all extras cost $. You can dine in your room, get robes, etc but at a pretty high cost. So we skipped out on that stuff. We did get a cute crocheted hat from the nursery when he went there for heart tests. 
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  • We didn't get a "gift bag". We just got the leftover stuff from whatever was being used in the hospital. Which was the remainder of the open bag of diapers, remainder of the package of wipes, 2 aspirators, and the bath supplies they used for his first bath (brush, comb, leftover of the trial-size of baby shampoo).

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