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16-17 weekers-what's your gain so far?


Re: 16-17 weekers-what's your gain so far?

  • I'm up about 6lbs so far, which is about where I was at this point in my first pregnancy.  But, I gained 50lbs total that time, so I know anything can still happen :P
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  • I am 16 wks 3 days and have gained 6-8lbs so far. I put in a range because our local Greek Festival was this weekend and I splurged...a lot. My doctor said I had not gained anything during my last visit. I have another one next week so we will find out what their scale says.
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  • I'm down 18. 8mg of Zofran every 4 hours and I still can't gain.
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  • I'm actually 17w5d & I have gained about 8-9 pds so far! I def thought I would be the size of a house by now too. Phewww. Hopefully that "size" will hold off for a lil while longer. Even though I am excited to have an actual BUMP now! Big Smile I think everyone is just different!
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  • Still in the lost column (thanks to the GD diet). I was down 10. We'll see where we are Thursday.
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  • I've gained 8 and I'm almost 16 weeks.  Most were first tri where I napped and only liked carbs. I  love fruit and veggies again and I"m walking/running more now.

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