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Why does he keep pinching me?

For the past week or so, at every nursing session, DS pinches me non-stop.  With both hands.  I can't fight him off and I do my best to keep my skin covered with a burp cloth but he still gets in there.  By the time I'm done nursing him, I have these little welts all over my stomach.  Talk about motivation to keep his finger nails clipped, but I practically need the Gator Boys to wrestle him down for that! I'm hoping this is just a phase he is going through as he'll be 9 months this week.  Or maybe he is dreaming of eating Puffs while nursing...LOL.   Is anyone else experiencing this?  


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Re: Why does he keep pinching me?

  • Not sure if you pump as well, but I pump while and work and have to do a lot of breast of compressions.  I have sort of observed when I get pinched it is usually an area where if I compress while pumping I can get more milk moving. 

    Your Puffs theory also makes me smile. 

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