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Alyssa Paige's Birth Story

This is a very overdue birth story, but I know how much I enjoyed reading these when I was pregnant so I'm def going to write Alyssa's. 

The last 2 months of my pregnancy was pretty tough, I was in the hospital every other night from being dehydrated and my potassium being low. When I was 38 weeks I was admitted into the hospital for four days because my potassium was dangerously low and our bp was really low.  So my doctor decided to induce at 39 weeks.

So we went in the hospital at 5 a.m. September 6. I was only dialated to 1, but I was already having some pretty strong contractions but I didn't feel them. They started the pitocin at 6:30. I really didn't want an epidural, I just wanted to used IV pain medicine.  I was handling the contraction very well, they were coming one after another.  The doctor came in at 10:30 to check me, I was at 4cm then he broke my water, thats when the contractions really started! They were pretty intense but I was still able to handle them.  At 12, I did ask to go ahead and get some IV pain medicine so I could get a little rest..not the best idea! I cant remember the name of what they gave me but I had a bad reaction to it and started to have a panic attack. Thats when Alyssa's heart rate started to drop, they gave me an oxygen mask to try to calm me down but it wasnt working.  The doctor insisted I get an  epidural to help me relax, so I did.  It didn't work, they did the epidural 3 times, but it never worked. So I just asked everyone but DH to leave the room and I concentrated very hard on just breathing.  Alyssas heart rate went back to normal and I just concentrated very hard on breathing.  At about 5, the pain was unbelievable! It felt as if my hip bones were going to break and I had an intense urge to go to the bathroom. I was screaming for someone to check me! When they finally did I was at 8. I always told myself I wouldn't be one of those women that scream, but I def was!!!  The nurses there was no help! Noone was any help! Then one of the nurses that I was used to seeing on a pretty regular basis bc of all my L&D trips came in and she was able to calm me down and talk me through my breathing.  I was constantly screaming to be checked, they checked my again at 6:30 and I was at 9!!  They called the doctor and told me to try to do a practice push,  they quickly stopped me because they said she was about to come out!  When the doctor finally came in he told me to not push just yet, I was screaming that I wasn't pushing.  Its hard to explain, but my body was pushing on its own!  Trying to stop my body from pushing was the worst!! When he told me to push it was the biggest relief!!  It didn't feel good.. but it was a relief. I only pushed 5 times and she was out!! 7lbs and 21 in long!!!

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  • I can understand how your body tries to push and you have no control, that is one thing even three years later that sticks out in my mind.
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