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Nipple soreness returning?

Ok this may sound kinda silly but in the last couple days the raw/ sore feeling has come back. LO is cluster feeding a little more but nothing has changed about his latch. I thought once this went away after the first couple weeks it stayed away. This doesn't mean I have thrush does it? I have been super paranoid about getting it and giving it to LO.
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Re: Nipple soreness returning?

  • how old is your little one?

    If you have thrush, apparently it feels like stabbing itching pain throughout the breast, not so much nipple pain.  

    My lo isn't so nice to my nipples when she's teething (before the teeth actually break through)  Could this be what's going on with you?  The only thing that helps us then is time.  

  • He is 5 weeks. I just feel chapped and raw. I am using lanolin again hopefully it will start helping soon.
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  • I would suggest stopping the lanolin since it can keep the nipple in a moist environment (which yeast loves). After feeding, put some hindmilk on them and let them air dry. I am wondering if the nipple soreness never fully even went away, but just got worse within the last week or two. Could that be a possibility?
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  • My LO and I both have thrush, her tounge and gums are covered in a white film. My nipples are also covered in white ick. It feels like a shooting pain after you nurse and my breast will itch while I am nursing. My pedi. says that she got it from falling asleep while nursing and it just happens so if you do have thrush it will be ok.

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  • check to be sure he isn't sliding back down the breast onto the nipple when you're feeding.
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