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Is this frozen or fresh?

Last night I went out for a girls night and we got a hotel room. I pumped prior to drinking while getting ready at the hotel and put the bottle in the mini fridge. When I woke this morning, the fridge must have been set pretty cold as the bottle was partly frozen (ice chunks in the milk). I put it in my cooler to bring home and now it's in our fridge at home and the ice chunks are gone.mso is this now considered frozen and needs to be used within 24 hours?
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Re: Is this frozen or fresh?

  • I would use it within 24 hours just to be safe.
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  • Agreed, I would consider it having been frozen. Remember, when you thaw a bag of REALLY frozen milk, as long as there is even one ice crystal in there you can pop it back in the freezer and consider it still frozen.

    I about had a heart attack when DH commented about letting milk "thaw" when it had been in the fridge. He thought the big chunk of milk fat at the top was frozen since the milk didn't move when he tilted the bottle. 

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