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If you were induced...I have a question

So it looks like this little guy is way too comfy and I have a scheduled induction for this Tuesday.  I didn't have this with my first, so this is all new to me.  Apparently, I'll go in Tuesday night to get cervadil and then get pitocin Wednesday morning. 

What were your experiences being induced?  Do I need to get a catheter when I get the cervadil inserted?  Any advice?  Thanks so much!

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Re: If you were induced...I have a question

  • I too had cervadil- I was put on IV fluids, but no catheter- I was able to get up and go to the bathroom all night- which I did b/c of the fluids- I just had my husband help me to the restroom each time.  I was induced with both of my kids- the first was with cervadil and the 2nd was without cervadil- I will say I wish my dr would have done the cervadil the 2nd time too!  Here's to a easy and healthy delivery!



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  • No catheter with Cervadil or pitocin. I only got a catheter put in after I had the epidural.
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  • It hurt to get the cervadil in only because the nurse jammed it up there in my cervix, which was only 1cm dilated at the time. Once it was in, you don't feel anything except for the lubricant they used to get it in there. I used the bathroom all night. I did have some contractions start with the cervadil. In the AM, they started pitocin, which started stronger contractions. When they broke my water later that afternoon, the contractions went from bearable to COMPLETELY unbearable. The nurse said the pitocin and the water breaking together make it hard to handle for some people, as it comes on too fast and strong. Luckily, I pushed out an adorable little boy 4 hours after they broke my water, and that made it worth it. If I could re do the same experience, I would get an epidural as soon as they break my water, if not right before. I waited until the last min and it barely worked.
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  • Had to go in the night before and get cervadil as well. You do not get a catheter. I had to lay flat for an hour and then I was able to get up and go to the bathroom. I was very uncomfortable and was awake all night because my IV alarm kept beeping. The next morning my new nurse said I should have asked for a sleeping pill. Had I thought about this I would have gotten the sleeping pill. I was in labor for 18 hours and was exhausted. I ended up having to have a csection because DD pooped in me and I got an infection and was running a fever. I was also stuck at 6 cm. I got an epidural at 4 cm but I could still feel the pressure and it was pretty painful. I ended up getting sick during the csection and the anesthesiologist said it was due to them increasing my pitocin level too fast. I had to wait to see DD for 12 hours because she was in nicu for precaution since I had a fever. The one thing that kept me sane through labor was my wonderful nurse. She was the best!!! Sorry about paragraphs and grammar. Bumping from phone. Best of luck!!!
  • My story sucked but I am pretty sure it's abnormal.  I had gestational diabetes so having a natural birth was out of the question (by natural I mean letting it happen naturally).  I was too close to my due date and was totally closed, nothing was progressing on it's own so I had to be induced.  I went in Monday at 630 pm and was given first dose of Cervadil. Caused lots of discomfort and contractions. I was hooked up to the monitor which was a pain because the way LO was laying I had to be in the most uncomfortable position to hear her heartbeat.  Everytime I moved we lost the sound and it was so annoying!  At 7am I was checked and was at 1 cm.  Awesome. Was then given bag of Pitocin.  Lots of contractions, pain, etc. Wasn't allowed to eat or drink, only icechips.  7pm checked again, still 1 cm.  By this time I was crying, hungry, frustrated.  It was over 24 hrs at this point and I needed a break.  Dr allowed me to have dinner, walk around (thank GOD) because I was in a labor and delivery bed which aren't meant for sleeping and was sooo uncomfortable! about 10pm that night given 2nd dost of Cervadil (no catheter needed at all) was checked next morning at about 9am (Wednesday) still 1 cm.  Had emergency c-section after 41 hrs of labor....painful labor.  My contractions were 2 minutes apart!  LO was born on Wednesday at 1129am :) 
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  • I went the night before, they checked my cervix, it was "long and hard" - this was a little uncomfortable. They inserted cervadil, and had me lay flat for 2 hours - my tip to you is to try to pee right before they insert the cervadil. I had to pee so bad after they put it in.

    The next morning they started the Pit. They increased it every 30 minutes and I was having contrax, however I never thought they were that bad. My cervix never did what it was supposed to do because the baby couldn't get down to the "launch" position because of how my body was built. I ended up with a C Sect. My doc said after the surgery that baby wouldn't have been able to get into the birth canal at all so she was glad we went ahead with the surgery.

    The epidural was not that bad. The worst part of it was the numbing shots, and even that wasn't that bad in the scheme of things. The biggest thing to remember is RELAX. Try your best to breathe and relax, even if you don't need an epi and are just having strong contractions.

    You'll do great! Good luck!! 

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  • I got cytotech the night before around 9pm, and then twice more during the night, and my water broke around 5am. They started the pitocin at 6am, which led to an hour of contraction upon contraction with no break in between and I broke down and got an epidural around 7:30am at 3cm. After that is when they put the catheter in.

    I didn't feel a thing after that, which was glorious, and I napped for the next few hours. I made it to 6cm at 2pm and stayed there for another two hours. My OB came right after his last patient (his office is across the street from the hospital) at 4pm and checked me and told me what we'd both expected: LO's head was stuck and was capping, so a CS it was. We'd discussed this likelihood and I was fine with it. Baby had to come out somehow and my body said, "Uh, I don't think so!" to letting my big boy (9lbs 14.8oz) come out the usual way. So at 5pm I went in to the OR and 30 minutes later my not-so-little man came! Had he not had a big growth spurt at 36 weeks and had such a big head (est. 98th percentile at U/S at 37 wks), I'm pretty sure I would have been able to deliver vaginally, so don't think that being induced = inevitable c-section.

    FYI: pitocin-induced contractions are notoriously painful, so if you're wanting to hold off on an epi, make sure to practice your pain management techniques (i.e. breathing). Even though I chose not to labor long without an epi, my breathing and focusing exercises really came in handy during that time.

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  • I am not sure if Cervadil was the pill that they put up near your cervix, but that is what I had. The first time it did not work and then they tried it a few days later and it worked great. I was given the first one at 5 pm, second one at 9 pm and then when I was supposed to get the third at 1 am the contractions started.
    I did not get a catheter until the epidural was given. WIth induction you can still get up and move around. I even stood in the shower for a while.

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  • I had a very positive induction experience. I was diagnosed with cholestasis so I had to be induced at 37 weeks. At my last appointment before induction my cervix was totally closed and my OB wasn't even sure the induction would work. Anyway I went in and was given cytotech, my OB prefers it to cervadil, and it put me into labor about 2 hours later. My body took over and I didn't need any pitocin. My contractions did come fast and hard so I had an epidural. I had the epidural at 3cm and then slept until I was 10cm when they woke me up to push. It was a very positive experience for me!
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  • I was induced just before 39 weeks.I went in Sunday night and got that cervidil put in. Just had to lay down for an hour and then I was allowed to get up, Pee etc. But like a pp said, make sure you Pee again right before they insert it so you don't find yourself holding your Pee in for an hour. I was only about one cm dialted I think. They gave me a sleeping pill so I could sleep though the night and sometime in the night started pitocin and very slowly upped it. They broke my water around 7 am Monday morning and then I got the epidural sometime later that morning. That was the only time I had a catheter. Overall the induction was a really good experience and I was glad I chose that except that I had some problems afterwards with passing out and being totally out of it. But I don't believe that was related to being induced. I also had amazing nurses!! Good luck! It's exciting!
  • I was induced 40 weeks on the dot, because DD was getting a little too big and breathing was becoming harder and harder.  I was admitted 9/15 and they started pitocin at 6am.  I contracted on and off until about 530p, at which time they took me off the pitocin (finally let me eat) and let me get up and move around.  Restarted the pitocin at midnight and my water broke at 1230p the next afternoon.  DD was born at 5:21p on 9/16
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  • I went in to get cervadil then started pitocin the next day. The cervadil got labor started on its own. They just used the pitocin to speed things up. I didn't need a cath until I got my epi. Hope all goes well!
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  • I did not have to get cervadil because I was favorable enough at my last appointment, but I went in at 5:45 in the morning and got the pitocin around 6:00.  Had DD at 3:10pm.    I had a catheter once the epidural went in.

     No advice other than if your doctor lets you, eat something the morning of.  I had a bowl of cereal before I left and I was fine all throughout the morning.

     I wasn't allowed to eat the morning of with my DD#1 and I was famished when  I had her at 7 at night.

  • I never had the cervadil...just the pitocin.  After I got my epidural I opted to have a cath put in.  Just easier since I didn't want to wet myself and sit in pee for who knows how long.  If you're not having an epidural, you won't need to have one, at least that's what my nurse said.

    Good luck!

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  • Cervadil here too, went in at 11:30pm on a Tuesday night and then got another dose mid way through the night since I hadn't progressed any. Pitocin started middle of the next day. By 11pm that next night we had only got to 2cm so c-section it was. No cath at all. 
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  • Thanks ladies.  It looks like I'll be induced since this guy isn't moving at all!  This is just such a different experience from my labor with DD.  Thanks for the advice and I'll make sure I pee before the cervadil :)

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