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2nd Trimester

Yoga during 2nd trimester

Do any of you do yoga? Is it safe to do during pregnancy? I workout on a regular basis, but heard yoga was good for you. What are your thoughts?
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  • Yoga is fantastic whether you attend a class or even workout at home. Like PP stated, you have to modify twisting poses and limit any poses on your back but yoga works wonders for you physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually if you are so inclined!


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  • I do prenatal yoga a few times a week. If you've never done yoga before, start slowly. Some of it's still pretty challenging.
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  • As previous posters said, yoga is great for you (my OB highly recommends it a few times a week in addition to walking everyday). If you take a regular (non-prenatal) class, try to get there a bit early and talk to the instructor, she/he may have some tips & modifications for you. The previously mentioned no twisting is a big one, my instructor also gave me a few poses to do that are great for pregnancy whenever the class is doing something that's off limits for now. HTH!
  • I agree with what everyone else said. I do Pilates which is similar to yoga and there are many ways to modify for pregnancy. I agree with letting the instructor know so they can give you suggestions a good instructor should ask for injuries or special circumstances anyway.
  • I've been doing yoga my entire pregnancy!  You are not supposed to do any inverted poses (bridge, headstands, etc), and be careful with twists-only twist your upper body.  Its great for you!
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  • Great during pregnancy! Yoga reduces stress, keeps your pelvic floor muscles strong for labor and can even help with your breathing during delivery. Amazon instant video has some good prenatal yoga videos and if you have a local YMCA, I'd try there, too. 
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  • I'm doing yoga; there are ladies in my prenatal group doing yoga right up until baby arrives.
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  • Yoga is great for you. As others mentioned, be sure not to twist, lay on your back, or attempt inversions (e.g. standing on your head). Listen to your body and don't overextend yourself. 


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  • I know there's prenatal yoga that's supposed to be good for you.  As with any type of yoga, I'd be careful and make sure you go to a class where the instructor knows their stuff - you can hurt yourself doing yoga poses wrong!
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  • I've been doing throughout my whole pregnancy!
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