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Routine and BF?


I'm EBF my 3 week old and some of my friends have advocated about how important it is to have a routine with your kids (these friends all had FF babies). I believe routine is important but I feel so confused as to how you have a routine if you are feeding on demand. Can someone share how you started a bedtime routine when breastfeeding and at what age you started?

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Re: Routine and BF?

  • We didn't really start a bedtime routine at night until a few months in.  Of course, I still fed on demand overnight for a long time after that too, but for the "going to bed" time, we'd do bath, pjs, BFing and then bed.  Now we have dinner first and a book in there too, but it's been roughly the same since. 

    I also liked the baby whisperer book.  It was a "routine" but also flexible.  So more like a "pattern" that went over and over again throughout the day.  I found it very helpful.


  • I did not have the kind of newborn that could ever have a routine. Until she was 8 weeks old if she was awake, she was nursing. Period. There was no other activity she was open to. After that, we naturally fell into a routine. I did not need to rigidly impose it, we just got to know each other and have found the routine that actually works for both of us. And she has slept through the night since she was 4 weeks old.

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  • We have had a routine of sorts from day one, but like others have said, it's flexible.  Not always the same time, but the same order of events.  Times have become more important now that I'm back at work and she's in daycare so we have to get her up.  We've always done bath, 2 books from dad while she gets a snack from me.  Then it's a kiss and good night.  It's worked since 6 weeks.  We are lucky.
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  • We didn't set a routine, but we sort of fell into a routine. As PPs mentioned, not always at the same time, but the same series of events. Relax for now, and enjoy this time with your LO.
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  • They will naturally start to fall into their own routine within a few more weeks. During the first 6 weeks or so they live on a 3 hour day and really don't know the difference between night and day anyway, so a routine seems pointless. Once you accept this it really makes things so much easier!
    Then, if you do things at the same time i think it helps them feel secure and start to fall into a routine. I mean things like, eat family dinner about the same time, go on a walk around the same time, etc. Now that DS is 8 months we definitely have a routine, but it sort of just evolved on its own.

  • I second the baby whisper routine of E-A-S-Y

    I could never stretch LO to meet the 2 hour cycle while I was on leave and BFing,  but I do thinking having a routine of Eat, Play/Activity, then sleep, help bring some sanity to our lives.  Also in the beginning I would nurse pretty much whenever she cried.  Having the EASY in the back of our minds help us to get LO to nap more frequently since we would think to ourselves she isn't crying because she is hungry she is crying because she is over tired.    I do still routinely BF to sleep and/or nap when I see fit.

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