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Tips for racing & BF-ing

Any Mama's out there running road races and BF-ing?  I've got a 10-miler at the end of October and a half marathon in December so I'm starting to sort out the logistics of nursing and/or pumping before and after the races.  Looking for any logistical tips you may have to make things smoother on me and DS while still being able to focus on the race and run well.  

I read a prior post yesterday about the Moving Comfort Fiona bra - I currently wear my normal sports bra and a tank with shelf bra over it, but that is next to impossible to nurse/pump in without basically having to strip out of it.  What do you wear to make it easy to nurse right before the start of the race?  Or, if DH gives a bottle, I'm still going to have to pump at that hour or I will be seriously full! DH will be bringing DS to both races, so I'll have the option to nurse.  

Anyway - just interested to learn from your experiences.  Thanks!! 

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Re: Tips for racing & BF-ing

  • Hello,

    I am breastfeeding/pumping and did a 80 mile bike ride. I honestly did not properly train for the bike ride so that probably played into my issues but I had my husband meet me at the 35 mile mark and I pumped (electic pump with car adapter) in order to finish the ride. About 20 minutes after pumping, my legs completly cramped and locked up. I finished the ride but it was long, slow and painful. I spoke to my doctor and he said that I basically dehydrated myself pumping and any water I took in was going to replace the milk I pumped out.

     Again, I was not in great shape to begin with. On top of that, I emptied my boobs (20 oz's of milk) so I probably should I have pumped less to not get so dehydrated.

    Good luck with your race! Have fun!

  • I have done a 5K, and I fed LO about an hour and a half before the race started. I brought a bottle of pumped milk in case she got hungry while I was runnin or shortly after. I should have drank more water before the race. I was concerned about drinking too much beforehand, but I was so thirsty during the race. I recommend drinking more than you normally would, and more than you think you would need.
    Good luck!
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  • Thanks for the replies.  I have read over and over how you need to drink more water while bf-ing and even though I do drink a ton, sometimes I feel like I am just always thirsty.  I never realized that bf-ing can dehydrate you - I thought you just needed the water to make the milk.  I guess I should be taking my camel bak on my longer runs then during training...good tip ladies! 

    Thanks!  And congrats on your races!!

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