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what does your LO sleep in? and Size questions.

FTM here, trying to prep.

My LO is due in 8 weeks.  I just went through everything we were given for clothes and I think I'm short on sleepers.  I assumed (being born in Nov/Dec) that she should wear long sleeved/footed onsies to sleep in?  True?

How many would you suggest having?   

Do you use things like the 'miracle blanket' or 'swaddle me' over the long sleeved/footed sleepers?  I'm in Texas - and that seems like a lot of fabric... but I'm just not sure.   

How long did your LO wear "newborn" size?   

I have read that I should wash all her clothes in preparation of her arrival.  Did you wash just the newborn stuff?  Or just the 0-3?  Or both?   


Re: what does your LO sleep in? and Size questions.

  • Most nights our LO sleeps in a long sleeve footed sleeper inside a sleep sack (usually only pulled up half way.  We keep ou room pretty cool.  We have a ton of sleepers.  Some nights she goes through a couple.  The first few weeks she pretty much lived in a sleeper 24/7.  Our LO was in newborn size longer thanaverage.


    I generally wash the new clothes as she moves into that size.


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  • Here are some answers. We at first were leaving her in onesies to sleep in. We hated doing buttons in the middle of the night. We had some zip up footsie onesies. Again, zippers in the middle of the night suck. So, we got these sacks. They are dresses with elastic at the bottom. They are the best. We put her in a swaddleme and we live in Vegas where it is 100 degrees still. LO was almost 9 pounds when she was born. She only wore some newborn stuff. She started 0-3 months almost immediately. I washed all the newborn and 0-3 month stuff first. And, I washed all the 3 month stuff because that fits the same as 0-3 month.
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  • It's very hot here in So Cal so we always have the AC on, even at night. Since the house is relatively cool throughout the day, my little man is in long sleeve/footed onesies most of the time. I would suggest stocking up on a few of them since winter is coming. We probably have around 40 ranging from 3-9 months.

    He hates to be swaddle so we don't use miracle blankets or swaddle me. He only wore newborn size the first 3 weeks. I washed all the clothes and blankets before he arrived.

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  • MY LO sleeps in either a long sleeve onsie with a fleece halo sleep sack, or fleece pj's in a cotton halo sleep sack. Its been really chilly here at night, we have already a frost. I can't be of help with sizes because DD was a preemie and is in newborn size at almost 11 weeks.
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  • I just washed clothes as we needed them.  Before she was born I washed all of the 0-3, which we still aren't wearing.  I went out and had to buy all newborn sleepers since that's what she lives in.  She does have 2 NB outfits, which are stupid because to change them you have to take off socks and pants, which I think is annoying.  We also used the swaddle me for less than a week.  LO H A T E S being swaddled.  She liked it in the hospital, and for her first 3 days home and that was it.

    We just started a bedtime routine last night and put her in "jammies" which are the footed sleepers (fleece or terry cloth ones).  We have 12 or so in NB size, but got so many as gifts in other sizes, I can't even give an estimate.  Also, I'm in Wisconsin where it's cold.  We keep our house at 70 and she is not cold.

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  • We live in NE Ohio and it's in the 50's at night.  DS was born in late July when it was still in the 80's when we all went to sleep.

    At the beginning DS wore short sleeve onesies to bed, maybe with a cotton sleep sack if we thought it was going to get cool.  Now he wears long sleeve footed sleepers with a sleep sack.  I have fleece long sleeve sleep sacks for when it gets even cooler, he'll wear those over a short sleeve onesie.

    How many you need depends on how often you want to do the laundry.  Now that DS is less spitty he usually only needs one sleeper a night, unless he blows out his diaper.  We dress him in sleepers during the day too since they are super easy and comfortable.  I don't mind the zippers at night, but the snaps can be difficult (I have found DS snapped up in all sorts of wrong fashion when I get him in the morning).  The plus of the snap ones is that you do not have to expose all of LO's chest when changing in the middle of the night.

    Ultimately what you dress LO in for bed will depend on the temperature.  I once heard you should dress the baby like yourself plus one layer.  Well, my LO is a little hot box (and I tend to run cold) so that isn't a really good indicator for me.  

    My son never wore newborn size anything - we started in 0-3 size clothes and size 1 diapers.  Now at 2-months, LO is wearing 3-6 or 6-month sized clothes (3 month clothes are too short).  Once I had an indication our son was going to be on the large side, I started buying clothes (we didn't get a lot as gifts) and I bought only 0-3 or larger.  We washed everything, even the newborn sized clothes in anticipation of the baby.  Last thing I knew I'd have time for the first week was laundry.  I figure we can always use the clothes for future babies or we can donate/consign the clothes when we're all done having kids.


  • I usually do onesies long or short sleeve when using a swaddle. Other than that we do footed sleepers or gowns. The first couple of weeks the gowns were a lifesaver. Tiny babies are hard to dress and need changed often.
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  • Also, don't wash everything! I would recommend washing sleepers only. I have so many outfits I washed that dd didn't fit in or wasn't able to wear due to season change that I couldn't take back : (
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  • I've kept P in long sleeved footie sleepers inside a sleep sack (and under a blanket) all summer and plan to keep doing so through the winter. I had about 10 NBs and 8 0-3 mo. I wash baby stuff every other day and P has yet to have a diaper blow out or puking episode (lucky me)

    P hated being swaddled, HATED! So I can't help you from experience, but would imagine that using the swaddle blanket over the sleeper would be equivalent to using a sleep sack.

    P, who was born weighing 7.9 wore NB until 2 mo. P is thin and would still fit in NB if they were longer (she grew 4 inches in 2 months, but only put on 3 1/2 pounds) 

    I was given a ton of baby clothes, ranging from Premie to 18 mo, and to process them I washed them and put them away by size. I absolutely LOVE that I can pull the clothes out of storage when I need them and know that they are clean and ready to be put on!

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  • At first he slept in a onsie and we swaddled with AA blanket. Now he is sleeping in a sleep gown or footed onsie. We washed all newborn and 03 before he arrived.
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  • L was 6lbs 15oz, 19inches at birth so she wore NB sizes for about a month. She's grew fast after that though. I would say get 5 of the footed PJs. I live in FL and she always wore the footed PJs. Try to get as many zip up ones as possible. All those buttons in the middle of night is annoying. And if your DH is helping it's less complaining on their end when it's a zipper since it's easier :)

    As far as the swaddle me's go...L didn't like to be swaddled but when I did try them she usually was in a short sleeved onesie. She would get pretty hot in the swaddle me's. The fabric on the ones I had didn't seem liked they let air flow good and plus she would get pissed and that would lead to her crying, getting even hotter.

    I washed all her NB and 0-3 month clothes in advance.

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  • My baby was born this past Monday at 6lbs 5 oz, and we are still trying to figure everything out. 

    I had him in short sleeved onsies and swaddled him, he got way too hot. So I changed him to the long sleeved footed onsies, without a swaddle, still warm because I had a blanket over him. So now we are doing the long sleeved footed onsies with a blanket over his legs, and that seems to be working.

    I have him in NB clothes, but they are too big, I'm thinking about trying some preemie sizes to see if they fit a little better.  

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