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Lansinoh BM Storage Bag Question

Why do these bags only measure up to 6oz when there is twice as much space than that?  Are you only supposed to only put 6oz in there?  It doesn't say anything about it on the box.  Also, are these the bags the ones that you are supposed to lie down flat to freeze?  I had read about this online but again, no mention of it on the box. TIA

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  • I was just wondering that this morning. My guess is that since frozen milk has to be used w/in 24 hours of being thawed, you wouldn't want to be freezing more than a bottle at a time (and most bf babies max out around 5oz a bottle).
  • I always wondered that too.  I think maybe the extra space is so you can get some of the extra air out of the bag.  That way you can flatten better.  I honestly don't know.
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  • I'm not sure. I pump into the Medella bottles and then pour 4 oz from bottle  into the bag.  Then I squeeze all the air out by kinda hanging the bag off the counter and lay flat to freeze 
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  • I think it's for both reasons that PP's mentioned...

    So it can lay flat when frozen, and so that you don't have to thaw too much at a time. 

    I've been pouring 8oz in my bags, and after squeezing out every air bubble they still freeze flat. I think that if I put more than 8oz, it wouldn't lay flat when frozen. 

    If you're not too worried about them freezing flat when frozen, I'd say put up to 10oz in them.. probably not much more than that though because you want to leave room for expansion when they freeze so they don't leak once you thaw them. If you are freezing for going back to work, I'm sure your LO would use more than 10 oz before the 24hour window was up.

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  • The milk will expand when frozen, so filling the bag too much over capacity might result in breakage if the milk expands too much for the bag.
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  • I put 5 oz in each bag, squeeze out the air and freeze flat.  I found that 1) >7oz made the bags freeze rounded instead of flat so they stacked poorly 2) >7oz once expanded were about all the seems could handle then they leak and my DH ends up throwing the whole bag away which is sad.
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