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STM's when did you start wearing maternity clothes?

This is my first pregnancy and I feel so behind compared to everyone!  I'm about 14 weeks and still fitting into my normal clothes pretty easily.  I'm going shopping tomorrow for some pants/leggings but just curious when everyone really started needing to wear maternity clothes? 

Re: STM's when did you start wearing maternity clothes?

  • My big "pop" moment came about a week ago at the beginning of my 15th week, but even so, I could probably still fit in my fat(ter) jeans from my normal. I've just decided to veto on jeans or anything binding since week 12. I've been told it takes longer to show with your first, but come 5-6 months apparently we're supposed to blow up!
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  • I'm 14w3d STM and I'm still in regular clothes and using regular buttons. I didn't move to maternity wear with 1 until 24 weeks. But I'm surprised to not need maternity yet this go around!
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  • I've been doing the hair tie in the jeans button thing for awhile, but only with certain jeans. I'm not really showing as much as I get really bloated after eating, so it's kind of uncomfortable to wear tight pants. Otherwise, lowrise jeans have been my friend!
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  • I showed early with my first. With that pregnancy I was in maternity pants by 12 to 13 weeks. With this pregnancy I was in maternity pants at 10 weeks. Both of them were due to bloat. I "popped" with this one at 14 weeks. It all depends on body type. My doctor said it was because of my short torso.

    I just wanted to be comfortable but I am still wearing larger flowy shirts to hide things.
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  • With my first, I started wearing maternity pants around 18 weeks. I'm 15 weeks now and starting to wear maternity pants now. Some of my "fat" pants still fit though. I started wearing maternity shirts around 22/24 weeks or so with my first. This time around, I'm able to get away with baggier, regular shirts for now.

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  • With my first I didn't gain a pound until 17 weeks and didn't look pregnant until 20 weeks. I was in normal clothes until 23 weeks. This time has been different in that I started showing at 13 weeks and was in maternity pants soon after. Your body is getting use to all the expanding and your muscles are still tight the first time so it takes a little longer . Also your uterus is tighter and stretches slower, the second time around it expands easier since it has done it already think of a balloon and how hard it is to blow up the first time compared to he second

    I know I was anxious to have a belly the first time because people would make comments like " are you sure your pregnant" . One morning you'll wake up and bam, there will be a belly :
  • I'm also a FTM and have just completed week 17.  I've just reached the point where my low rise jeans are getting uncomfortable.  They still fit, but when sitting for a while they start to feel tight and ironically it feels like baby belly is pushing them down and I have constant plumbers crack!

    I just went to Walmart last night and bought a pair of yoga pants that have pockets on them along with some cheap cardigans and thick wrap around sweaters (not maternity, just in a bigger size than normal).  I'm wearing the pants today and they are incredible!  I did buy a few pairs of mat jeans from Kohl's when I was visiting the US (I'm Cdn), but it seems that belly isn't quite big enough to hold those up yet either. 

    Have fun shopping!! 


  • i really popped between 16-17 weeks, but sadly the maternity pants I bought are still too baggy in the seat and my legs so they look a little too sloppy for work. I have 3 pairs of pants that still fit on my legs , though tight, and I just slip on the belly band and they're still comfortable.


    As far as shirts, I wear maternity shirts because between my stomach and growing BB I explode out of everything that isn't flowy...

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  • Most of my regular clothes still fit.  Pants are starting to get uncomfortable though, and maternity pants are still baggy on my around the hips, so I'm wearing a lot of skirts and dresses.  I did start wearing maternity jeans a few weeks ago because my regular jeans just didn't have enough give to be comfortable. 
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  • I'm wearing a maternity top today for the first time. I feel kind of silly bc I don't look pregnant at all, but I'm tired of looking fat with a one year old. I feel judged!


  • I'm a FTM and will be at 16 weeks tomorrow.  I'm still wearing my regular clothes, though, I have been using a hair tie on my buttons for about two weeks now.  People that know me well are telling me that my "physique is changing" (my asst. principal's words, not mine), but I'm not really seeing it.  I haven't gained weight yet, but I do feel the my lower abdomen is more solid than it was when I just had fat rolls.  I did go on a mini shopping spree last weekend, buying a bunch of maternity clothes from Old Navy (which came yesterday, and are sooooo comfortable, I can't wait to wear them!), and some regular clothes with a looser fit from LL Bean.  I think I'll be transitioning in some of the materity clothes soon, just because my regular school clothes are getting just a bit too snug to really be comfortable.  I haven't popped yet, but I'm waiting for the day.  Smile
  • First time around I didn't wear maternity clothes until wk 17 or 18ish.  This time Im earring them earlier...started to wear some maternity pants last wk (wk 15)   
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  • I'm still in my regular jeans with no problem. All my shorts are maternity, though.

  • Congrats! I was 16 weeks before I was finally in maternity pants with my 1st- several of my shirts lasted even longer. I loved non-maternity yoga pants on days off, or leggings to dress up, and could wear both on the transition back down, too.  I was only 2 lbs more than starting weight with my 1st when I got pregnant with my 2nd, but everyone was right- I was in maternity shorts much 8 weeks this time!
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