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Going out to eat with our toddler...

This is going to be the first time in a while that we are going out to eat with our almost-3-year-old DS.  He has multiple food allergies (wheat, milk, soy, peanuts, shellfish and egg whites) so i am a little anxious.  I think I am more worried about his behavior in the restaurant & how DH is going to react lol.  I've already warned DH that he may not be too cooperative, but I am secretly hoping that the atmosphere and the iPad will keep him happy lol.  Wish us luck!

Oh and we are going for sushi.  Well, I will eat the cooked stuff, and I already checked out the menu for some dishes that DS will be able to eat.  Should be interesting.  I'm craving a California roll so bad! 

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Re: Going out to eat with our toddler...

  • Good luck!
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  • Good luck! 

    I'm not usually a sushi eater but a California roll would be delightful right now. 

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  • Hope it went well!!  My DS is a pretty good kid but turns into a total nightmare at restaurants.  It doesn't matter how many fun things we bring to occupy him.  We've pretty much given up for now. 
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  • Yumm.. I can't wait to go out for sushi again. I was waiting until I hit 2nd trimester so I'd feel comfortable eating raw rolls again. I guess I'm finally there. :)

    Have fun!

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    Good luck!!

    I'm not sure what you've tried, but sitting in a booth has made a HUGE difference for us.  Jack feels more like he is a part of the table, and he can wiggle around a lot more than he can in a high chair, so it decreases his urge to get down and run around.  Just one thought.  It works wonders for us! 


    I second the booth.  We had DD sit in a booster chair at a restaurant before, and she was really well behaved.  Last week, we went to lunch, and she was in the high chair, and she was an absolute terror!  (in her defense, she did just get her shots...)

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    Hope it went well!!  My DS is a pretty good kid but turns into a total nightmare at restaurants.  It doesn't matter how many fun things we bring to occupy him.  We've pretty much given up for now. 

    This is how I felt when my kids were younger. They are 3 years apart, and it was so hard to go out with them when the oldest was under 5, b/c if it wasn't one it was the other, and then the other would start in.

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    Good luck! We go out to eat as a family at least once a month so we can keep up on the kids being good skills. If someone is bad we take them to the car for a little time out. Even with a toddler it is more so we don't ruin others meal, but I think it teaches a lesson. I get a lot of complements when we go out to eat on how well behaved they are, so kuddos for going. It really is a good skill for kids to learn how to eat at a resturant with out a play place ;)


    We do the same. Go out often to keep them used to it and teach them how to behave. Plusalso I like going out to eat. My son is allergic to milk and peanuts and even that is hard so I can only imagine what you go through! We tend to go to the same restaurants most of the time because we know what is safe. We also will remove the kids for time outs if they act up. But luckily we don't have to resort to that too often. Most of the time it is just my son who gets upset that he can't eat what his sister or someone else has. He is just 19 months so he doesn't understand.

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