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Lipase and baby 2

I'm going back to work in two weeks, tear, and I'm going to pump at work like I did w DS1.

DS1 was a reverse cycling, bottle refusing baby, and I mainly pumped to keep up supply.

I figured out at around 10 months that I had excess lipase and that was why he only wanted milk straight from the tap. I quit pumping a month after that but nursed until he was 20 months.

DS2 takes a bottle pretty well. I have a big supply and pump an extra 6 to 10ounces every morning. I give him one 3 oz bottle mid morning and freeze the rest. I just remembered about the lipase issue. He's only had very fresh milk in a bottle.

Is it likely that I will have this issue again? Should I go ahead and scald the milk before I freeze or just play it by ear?
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What just happened in my diaper?!
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Re: Lipase and baby 2

  • What do you mean by "scald'?  Like boil it first?  Excuse my ignorance, I'm a FTM and am still learning!

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  • I had it with both of my children.  Yes, you'll need to scald the milk before you freeze.  Some women have more lipase than others.  My refrigerated milk was always fine for the next day.  I found that if I scalded and froze milk he'd still take it for a few weeks but anything more than 6 weeks out was a loss.  I'd defrost a bag of milk and see if he'll take the frozen milk or not. 
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