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Smacking/clicking noise?

LO makes a click or smack noise from time to time when actively drinking. I've had our latch checked and had a weighed feeding recently and evening looked good. He doesn't make the noise consistently, but even if I unlatch him when he does it, once he latches on and starts drinking again, he still makes the noise. Any thoughts/suggestions why he's doing this and if I need to try to fix it?

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  • No suggestions, mine did this from time to time until about 2 months. I think it was just due to tiny baby mouth and adult-size boob. It's fine now, no more smacking. I read somewhere that it was due to oversupply/squirting but we worked through it, whatever it was ... I didn't see a LC though so maybe there is some way to fix it before it resolves itself on its own.
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  • An occasional noise is ok. I think it only becomes a problem if it's all the time, your nipples start to hurt, or other issues develop.
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  • My lil man used to do this, the lactation nurse I had to meet with months ago now... said it is to slow down their intake of BM if it's coming really quick. She said it was nothing to worry about, he is 10 months now and hasn't done it for awhile.
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  • Thanks for the responses... I have wondered if it's too fast at times so that makes sense. No other problems right now so I won't sweat it. Thank you!
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