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Time for solids--Good resource?

I introduced my 6 month old to some baby food today.  I read in the Nursing Mother's Companion that at 6 months you could introduce actual finger foods, but I thought the baby food would be a good start for us.  Up to this point, she has only had breastmilk and some formula.  She did great with it, and I still have a lot of questions!  I don't know what to feed her and how often.  What online sources or books did you find useful?

Re: Time for solids--Good resource?

  • We did a mix of homemade purees, finger foods (started with sweet potato and avocado) and frozen things in the mesh feeder. It was a variety of textures and flavors, plus different forms to work on different motor dexterity. I ground oats instead of rice as our cereal for thickness.

    BLW is big around here, but all species and cultures have a history of mothers offering their young premasticated/partially digested food. In our contemporary culture, those would be purees. It's a natural progression from BM.

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