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Black Friday

I know that it is really early, but I am already looking forward to some CD deals on Black Friday. If any of you ordered on Black Friday last year, what sort of deals did you get, and from where?

I got 10 Lil Joeys + free a changing pad + free shipping... all for about $100 from Kangacare.  

Re: Black Friday

  • I never really associated black Friday sales with cloth diapers, lol. I'm interested to see what the offers are!

  • I'm looking forward to CD deals on black friday and cyber monday.  I'm hoping to find a few good deals.
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  • I'm hoping to get a deal on some NB diapers. I'm pretty content with my current stash and don't feel like I need to add to it. so I think I'll start setting some things aside for 2, so it's not as much to buy all at once. Umm ya and it's an excuse to buy more fluff!
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  • I didn't take advantage of any of the deals last year bc my stash was already pretty stocked but I remember there being a ton of sales and giveaways...I am pretty sure every cd vendor had something going on for Black Friday and some were all weekend events with different sales on different days...def something to look forward to this year!  

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  • Oooo I'm going to have to put some money aside to buy some CD. I need a full stash lol (i'm just strating a stash so I'm in dire need...newborns on)
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  • Wow I didn't associate CD's with Black Friday but I will have to pass this on to my sister and check it out for myself.
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    Wow I didn't associate CD's with Black Friday but I will have to pass this on to my sister and check it out for myself.

    Me too, I'm so excited for Black Friday for once :) 

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  • I would be excited, but black Friday will be like a month before my due date. I would like to be done with my stash by then. :P
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  • I am totally looking forward to the deals, too!

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  • Well I know this is hard to believe, but Ive never shopped on a black friday. that I know that I can get CD I will be giving it a shot.  I had no idea.  My LO is not due til jan and I have never used CDs before so Im trying to school myself.  There is just so much to decide....
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