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Dairy free protein powder?

I've been dairy free for 14 months now and have managed to find a suitable replacement for everything except my post-run protein shake.  I can find plenty of lactose free options, but as we all know lactose free is not the same as dairy free.  I'm afraid to buy a tub of a vegan powder without trying it first so I'm wondering if any of you ladies have tried and enjoyed a vegan protein powder that you could recommend.  Thanks!
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Re: Dairy free protein powder?

  • I put a little pea protein powder in DD1's rice milk sometimes and she likes it. I tried it in oatmeal once and it was pretty gross. I think it would be okay in a shake if you use like half a scoop though. Have you tried brown rice protein powder? I used to get that until I noticed a label on it about it containing ingredients that may cause birth defects. : /  
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  • This is dairy/soy/gluten everything free. I love it and have had it daily for over a year. I blend it with a banana, almond milk, and ice. I live the chocolate so much that I have never tried the plain or vanilla. It is one of the only ones I tried that actually blends and is not gritty.


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  • I hope you get this response as I'm a few days late posting but Jay Robb egg white protein powder is awesome!!   Can be found at GNC about $22/bag

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