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Awful lower back pain?

Hello all

 So I have always had underlying back pain for which I used to do physical therapy and use ibuprofen. But in the last week it has gotten SO bad and is now shooting down my right hip. Im not even taking Tylenol because it does nothing! I can't do my pt exercises since they require my lying on my stomach and I'm 23 weeks. Anyone else have awful back pain? I came home from work this evening and just cried for awhile....maybe a little better after that! Any advice PLEASE?!?!? TIA..... 



Re: Awful lower back pain?

  • bend over and touch your toes (or however close you can get) lock your knees all the way backward. let your arms and head dangle-- come up VERY slowly... one vertebrae at a time. 


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  • I have been having really bad lower back pain. Mostly on my left side, on my lower back. Sometimes it's so bad I can't walk properly, if at all. Sometimes my FI has to help me get to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Just recently one time it was so bad I just started crying.

    I don't know what's causing it, I've tried telling my doctor but I don't think they understand how bad it is. I have found though, that if I'm laying on the couch for too long or if I try to lay on the floor, that's when it's worst. 

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  • I would check out a chiropractor.  I see one pretty regularly and LOVE her and always feel great after I go!  I get so out of alignment that usually 1 leg is about 2 inches shorter than the other....a few minutes of adjustments later I feel like a new woman and am "even" again. :)

  • You mentioned PT exercises, are you currently attending PT? If so I would ask them if they can modify some exercises for you. When I mentioned back pain my MW told me they could refer me to a physical therapy clinic. 

    Or like PP said check out a chiropractor? 


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  • I have some back issues as well. My doctor recommended me get on all fours, and lower my arms to the ground where my butt is sticking up in the air. It really works for me. Also, on all fours, rotating your hips in a circle have been very helpful. Check with your doc first though.
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  • Look up some prenatal yoga poses. The other day in yoga we did the dolphin pose. Which to me felt really nice in my lower back. Also alternating between the cat and cow poses feels nice (we do exhale cat, inhale cow, and repeat multiple times) You can google them to see what they look like.

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  • You should definitely ask your physical therapist to modify your exercises. S/he has prior knowledge of your pain and situation and will probably be able to come up with the most effective treatment plan. Hope you find relief soon! I've been dealing with chronic back pain for 11 years post car accident. I know how hard it can be. ((hug))
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  • I feel your pain! Literally!! I have some underlying problem with my neck and upper back but since being pregnant it is slowly spreading to my lower back and today topped the cake. I went shopping and made sure to take lots of breaks since it was an all day retail therapy session but by the end my neck all the way down to my right hip (just my right not my left.. odd) hurt like crazy. I am still sore after a hot shower. Normaly massage helps but my husband just left for deployment a few days ago. This pain is terrible so I would love suggestions as well! PS- crying didnt help for me.. but i certainly did have a crying fit all by myself!
  • Thanks for all the support! Helps to know others hurt too....

     I checked with pt and he gave me these really hard exercises that I tried and tried and can't get...chiro sounds like a good next step. Just got out of the bath and am icing now....

    Keep the advice coming and I'm sorry for those of u suffering too!! 

  • See a chiropractor!
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  • I would try going to a chiropractor. If that doesn't help, you can ask your OB if they will write a prescription for a maternity belt(or buy one yourself but they're pretty expensive). I needed one for my back pain and it was a godsend. GL!
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  • I have been having horrible back pain, not just RLP. Like you, I had pre existing back issues. Cervical and lumbar vertebrae issues are not fun when pregnant. My doctor suggested seeing a chiropractor and actually gave me a low dose of flexeril and Tylenol with codeine. Doesn't help as much as I like, but at least I can get some sleep. :)

  • I'm wearing a maternity support belt as I type. I had no pain my first pregnancy but I feel like an old woman with this one. My hips and back are always hurting. I got this belt from motherhood maternity and the exercise board had a post regarding Gabrielle brand being good, so I ordered a second on amazon.
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  • I know exactly what you mean about back pain and usually I take tylenol and it works for a little bit.but my advice to you is put a pillow behind your back and put your legs up because that helps me and it takes away some of the pain.
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