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Toddler just slammed into my stomach

I was sitting talking to DH, and DS came over and boom, slams both hands right into my stomach, hard.  It was the upper part of my stomach so I'm trying not to worry.  :(
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Re: Toddler just slammed into my stomach

  • try not to worry, I am sure it's fine. The other day a 5 year old jumped from the bed into my arms and I had to catch her. It was pretty rough!  so I understand. But it'll be just fine!!
  • I'm sure you and the babies will be just fine. I know my little guy loves to do that and I'm trying to teach him that it is not okay.
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  • My toddler does the same almost on s daily basis. Whenever I'm lying down she hits my stomach but I get up right away. Don't worry about it, your baby is cushioned well in there.
  • I had a one of my husbands "coworkers" (a huge K9, probably 110lbs German Shepard) get excited and pounce off my belly with his front paws. Scared me to death, but everything is fine.
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  • I actually asked my doctor about this the other day bc I was worried about my crazy 2 year old.  He told me not to worry- that it would take more force than a child, or even a fall from standing height, could cause to harm the baby (it  would take something like a serious car accident, for example).  Hope that helps make you feel better!
  • Like others have said the baby is most likely fine. While pregnant with my last, my son jumped on my stomach knees first. I didn't feel her move for 4 hours (she was always active in their) I drank juice, took a bath ate dinner, nothing. I went to the hospital and they said she was fine. Later in the same pregnancy I got into an accident and started bleeding - again dr said it was fine. Each time they hooked up monitors and she started kicking. If your really worried tell the hospital and they'll give you a non stress test (hook up the monitors).
  • You'll be okay! There's a lot of cushion for that little baby in there. My one year old has no idea, and she's rough with me. I'm not concerned though.
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  • Thanks everyone; you made me feel better.  :)
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  • When my mom was pregnant with me my brother (5yrs old at the time) punched my mom really hard in the stomach, which was very uncharacteristic of him...I turned out just fine. :)


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  • As toddlers, ALL of my kids used my stomach as their personal play ground while I was pregnant. It is going to take much more force than a pouncing toddler to cause any harm.
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  • When my mom was pregnant, I accidentally elbowed her super hard. I was 10, so I was definitely stronger than a toddler. No issues. They are wellprotected.
  • I was kicked really hard right in my abdomen by a 5 yo (on accident) when 7m pregnant with my 1st and he was okay. Now  I'm convinced my 1st is all elbows & knees.  He's 2 & constantly using his elbows to push off of my belly as he gets up to get another book, more puzzles, etc. I asked my doc about it & he reassured me that baby is so well protected you'd basically have to break your pelvis or have equal trauma before truly harming the baby... assuming you have no other complications.
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