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Insensitive coworker vent

So, at work today, I was chatting with a coworker over lunch about baby stuff, and another coworker walked in and was like, "Oh, you're pregnant? No wonder you've gotten so chubby lately!" Wtf??? Who says that to someone, especially to a pregnant woman! And coming from a woman who has kids?? After she left the room, the first coworker and I just stared at each other in disbelief. RUDE!

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Re: Insensitive coworker vent

  • What an a$$hat
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  • If she gets pregnant again you should just say it back to her!
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  • I can't believe the way people treat pregnant women. Seriously you wouldn't say that to somebody that wasn't pregnant. You wouldn't comment on somebody's weight who isn't pregnant and we're going through enough. I got it all when I had my first mostly. Now if somebody says something it's because they don't know me or I don't have my other 2 kids with me. GL try to brush dumb people off.
  • Seriously, some people need to just mind their own BUSINESS!
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  • I would have said " Yes I know but I know I will be able to loose it after MY baby is born" with a look that says "B**** you are stil fat after your kids"

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