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What did you have for breakfast?

I had beef jerky since I didn't have time for anything else.
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Re: What did you have for breakfast?

  • The last couple weeks I have been making kale based smoothies for breakfast. I don't like kale, but you can't really taste it so I pack it in. Kale & cucumber are the staples, but then I just throw in whatever I have around. This morning was kale, cucumber, apple, pear, pineapple, flax-seed, prunes, and lemon juice. I add a little OJ and coconut water for consistency. It's a lot better then it sounds; very fresh tasting. LO loves it and MH drinks it. I make a whole blender full and then drink it all day. This week it has been my breakfast and lunch.
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  • A bagel thin with cream cheese. I keep a stash at work so I can eat once I get here.
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  • Frozen eggo waffles. I shared with ds. He loves them.
  • A chocolate muffin from the gas station I had to stop at to pick up Sierra Mist for DH, after dropping DD off at daycare, even though he doesn't have an upset stomach.....ugh, his "sickness" is still buggin me! lol!!
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  • Chick fil a mini chicken biscuits and they were amazing!


  • I had oatmeal from MCDs... so yummy. And it was better than getting the bacon egg and cheese bagel I would have liked LOL
  • Starbucks skim latte and the feta-spinach-egg white wrap. It's my Pay Day-Friday breakfast treat to myself for making it through another work week!
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  •  A blueberry muffin and coffee (cream & sugar).
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  • I had two slices of toast, with a small bit of butter and a slice of bacon because it's Friday.  : )  

    If I can't make toast, I eat the Special K Breakfast pastry thin things.   

  • I'm at a work conference out of state.  I have not had a hungry moment in 3 days!  This place is feeding us amazingly.  Every break has a snack bar.  I had french toast, bacon, fresh fruit, and OJ this morning.
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