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Low iron?!?!

The nurse from my Dr's office just called & told me that according to the blood test I got done on Wed...I am slightly low on iron! My Dr wants me to take an OTC iron pill everyday at around lunch time. I guess it can't be taken with my prenatals, which I take before bed! I wonder why this would be starting now?! I'm almost 17 1/2 weeks now & I've never had any issues like this before. Anyone else have the same thing??
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Re: Low iron?!?!

  • I found out that I had low iron about 2 weeks before we found out we were pregnant. I've been taking an OTC iron pill ever since. I have my next appointment in a little over a week and they routinely check your iron at that appointment. They told me it's fairly common in pregnancy but didn't tell me why.

    FWIW, I take my iron and prenatal at the same time. I don't know why it would matter. I've never been told to take it differently.  

  • Thanks for the response. I have also been reading that it is common with pregnant women. He hasn't done any blood draws on me except for when I first got my BFP & then for my 1st trimester screening & now at this AFP Tetra screening a few days ago. Hopefully he will continue to monitor me & keep checking on my levels. What OTC iron pill do u take? I was told to take "FloFe"?!
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  • Its normal for women to struggle with iron levels during pregnancy.  The body is actually not very good at absorbing iron, but baby really likes it.  :)

    Assuming your prenatals actually already contain iron, and likely calcium.  I would not suggest taking the iron supplement with your prenatal vitamin.  Calcium (amoung other things) actually work against the absorption of iron.

    Its generally best to take iron first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.  BUT, since iron tends to be hard on your stomach, I wouldn't really recomment.  Similar to what your doctor recommended, I would take it with a midmorning snack (with crackers or something). 

    I've been anemic in the past, both my OB and my specialist monitor my iron closely.  I'm nearing being anemic, but am not taking additional iron supplements, I try to eat an iron rich diet and ensure I have appropriate food combinations for maximum absorption.  In the past I've been on perscription iron, called Palafer.

    I have a medical condition that causes me to bleed more than the average person, so I have trouble with low iron and hemoglobin.  Hope I was helpful, Good Luck!

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  • I've been anemic for years and found out my mom and her mom were both anemic during pregnancy. Your best bet is to take your iron along with some serious vitamin c- a glass of orange juice or berries. That'll help you get the most iron absorption. I like to take mine in the morning with OJ because it helps me feel better throughout the whole day.
  • I take my iron before bed.  I found that I was getting an upset stomach from the iron.  This way I sleep though any discomfort.

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  • You get anemic during pregnancy because your blood volume increases a lot and it's hard for your body to keep up.  Fortunately, you will become anemic before your baby does.  You should take your iron on an empty stomach with a glass of orange juice (vitamin C helps absorption of iron).  I take "slowfe", it's a slow release form of iron and I've never had any issues.  I usually take it as soon as I wake up and then eat breakfast about an hour later.  They usually won't keep checking your iron levels, they just assume the supplement is working.
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