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I really wanted to book some spa services

I called and found out you can really only book the prenatal - which I swear are more expensive everywhere I look.  I have tightness and soreness in my shoulders and neck, head - causing headaches lately - and apparently there are trigger points in the shoulders or something so they can really only massage the shoulder area lightly.  The low back is totally fine to massage, but go figure, I don't have pain there!

So then I was going to suck it up and book the prenatal, which I am sure will be great, and I wanted to add a scrub.  The scrub uses lemongrass and apparently lemongrass shouldn't ever be applied on the body during pregnancy. AHH!

 Have you guys done any spa services lately? What have you learned when it comes to this stuff? 

edit: now I just saw somewhere else that lemongrass is safe. so much contradictory information! Maybe I will call the doc after all...  

Re: I really wanted to book some spa services

  • I scheduled a massage with a groupon I bought before getting pregnant once I got out of 1st tri (i've heard its safe but to ease my mind and not cause issue with the place I just waited out).  The massage was OK.  This massage therapist had a different way of massaging (or b/c it was prenatal) that didn't groove with me as much.  They put you on your side like how you should sleep and she did my entire back, legs, and arms (one each side).

    The main thing that's frustrating is that you don't get nearly the pressure you do when you're on your stomach because there's no resistance to really dig in deep, so it ended up to feel more like rocking back and forth.  

    Like I said...it may have been the therapist or it might have been the massage but it wasn't my best massage.  Out of the 4 total I've gotten this would rank the worst (but two of them were out of this world amazing!  2 hr massage and a 1.5 massage at a casino with all sorts of extras to go with the massage including a scrub that you showered off in the massage room...don't worry the shower had super frosty glass! :P) 

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  • I've had a prenatal massage and a pedicure, when on vacation in August.

    I'll be booking some spa treatments for my vacation in November, likely a massage again.  I'm also considering mani/pedi and a facial.  Spas will often recommend facial, since it can be pretty safe.

    As for the headaches, I'm getting half hour shoulder/neck massage therapy, covered by my insurance since recommended by my OB.

    Good Luck.

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  • I just booked a massage for spa week. You should see if there are any deals in your area (www.spaweek.com). I just called the salon that looked good and booked a massage. Then I said, "oh btw, I'll be 5 months pregnant. Is that ok?" and she said it was fine :)
  • I just booked it. The girl has another scrub she can use that isn't lemongrass. YEAH!! Massage plus a scrub. I desperately need it!!

    I'm going to check out spa week though, thanks for the heads up! 

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