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Supporting Others while trying to get pregnant

My husband and I have been ttc for a little over a year...we have a two and half year old son and thought we would get pregnant fast because we did with our son which obviously isn't the case. Many of our friends and family are getting pregnant. I am finding myself being happy for them but trying to avoid them. I am even ashamed to admit I even cried after one of my friends told me. My husband and I are now in the processes of figuring out what is our issue is so we can get pregnant again. I know when it is time we will be blessed again but in the mean time it is hard to be so positive or supportive of others around me. Any suggestions?

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  • I can relate. We conceived DD month one. Working on the second for almost two years. I try to minimize time spent around them. Having a plan to get pregnant we did IUI this month helps a lot. It is hard but I hope my day will come. I hope yours comes too. And I hope tests can shed some light.

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  • I hide from pregnant friends like the plague. 2 years of trying and 5 losses in a row makes me  honestly just not care. I know that's terrible and I sound like a horrific friend but its just the best I can do. I think it is totally normal and you just do what you need to do for you. 

     ((huge hugs)) 

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  • It can definitely be difficult and the whole process is so stressful and saddening. You basically go through a grieving period every month. I really found that being honest with my situation helped people have a better understanding of how I was feeling. After I told our families, I was basically an open book about what we were going through- but only if people asked. Some people were more sensitive, others weren't, but that's just human nature.


    i hope you find some answers and figure out a coping method that works for you. But give yourself a break that it's just not always that easy, and it's ok to cry and feel sorry for yourself once in a while. 

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  • I am in the exact same position as you got pg with DS almost immediately, been trying now for over a year. Every time I find out that a friend is preggo, I have a "you have to be flippin' kidding me!" moment or day but then really do my best to put that behind me and be happy for them. It is hard but allowing yourself that time to be mad or sad or whatever kinda helps.
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  • I can relate.  It's hard to see friends enjoying a pregnancy-- especially if it was a pregnancy that was easily achieved.  Like someone else said, each month can bring a new grieving period, so it's hard.  Like pp, I have found it's easier to be up front with friends and just tell them about our struggles.  I've found that they are more sensative when they know what we are dealing with and they may understand why you are withdrawing at times. The only thing that I try to remember is that other people's fertility has no bearing on my own, so it's out of my control-- might as well be happy for a friend.

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  • I find it depends on who's getting pregnant. I told a girl last October that we were trying again and it was taking much longer than the first time around (took us 2 months with DS) and by that time we'd been trying 4-5 mos. She has a DS same age as mine. She insisted she was totally fertile and they were waiting until Jan to try again. What happened? Knocked up the first try and baby is due in a few weeks. That was hard to take. I have to fake a smile around her.

    But another friend tried for at least a year or 2 before finally getting pregnant. She's in her 2nd tri and it's much easier to be genuninely happy for her.

    I think you just have to grin and bear it. It's hard to justify jealousy but that's what it is. And we know that it's wrong.

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  • Thank you all for your advise I feel a lot better that I am not alone. I did feel like a terrible person for feeling the way I do. It is strange because my sister in law is pregnant with her first and I couldn't be happier for her but my friends that are I just an so jealous. I have found that focusing on other things such as working out,school and my family are really helping. Also telling myself it will happen when it is suppose to. Thank you all for the uplifting words.
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