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mspi moms-- what to add to my diet first

Quickish back story-- my son's only symptoms have been blood in stool once a week- so that's what I'm watching for to happen again.  I've been dairy free for 4 months and soy free for 2.  I cut out nuts and almond milk a month again and that's also when the issue stopped-- so I wondered if nuts are actually the issue.  (Which is what I actually thought, but everyone said milk/soy was most likely.)

Anyways, I started giving him freezer milk which is from before I cut dairy/soy.  He had 2-2.5 oz a day last week and 3 oz a day this week and so far no issues.  

I was going to start adding dairy into my diet and see what happens.  The obvious is start with baked in.  Then what do I add next?  Should I add yogurt (which was always my breakfast food) or cheese as parts of meals? 

I assume I should add milk last. . . though I did have a sip of my husband's milk tonight and it was heavenly delishious!  (I used to drink 1-2 glasses of milk a day)

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Re: mspi moms-- what to add to my diet first

  • Baked in, milk product ( cheese, yogurt, etc) then straight milk was what was recommended to us.  We are waiting until at least 9 months on milk, maybe 12.
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  • we were told by allergist: baked in, cooked cheese (like pizza), yogurt, regular cheese, milk


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