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Did you get your blood drawn?  Any news?  Did you poas?

 FX from a strong beta!!


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Re: ***JiliansMomma***

  • Thanks for thinking of me!  How is your bed rest going? Does your RE require bed rest?

    I went this morning for a blood draw.  It doesn't look good. I POAS yesterday afternoon and it was very negative. Not even a hint of a maybe.  I'm really sad.  I took my PIO shot last night anyway and have to go back Friday for a repeat draw and then they'll call me with results. I keep thinking of those ladies on "I didn't know I was PG" who POAS and get negatives and then give birth in toilet 20 minutes later so there's that slim chance but I doubt it. ;-)

    The nurse at the RE told us we could call on Wednesday for the results of the first blood draw and they would give them to us over the phone but they wouldn't call me until the second was complete.  I'm such a chicken I'm making DH call. If it doesn't work we need to save up the $3,100 for FET #2 which will take us into next year sometime, probably February. 

    I'm transferring all my positive thoughts and energy your way and looking forward to your beta next week!!  Stay positive and I'll keep you posted!


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  • Ugh, don't give up hope yet!!  You just never know when hcg will spike. I'm keeping everything crossed for you. 


    Bed rest is going well, I'm just watching tv and movies. DH is waiting on me and getting me everything I need. Only 8 more days until beta day. 

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