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1st grader negative and emotional about school

School started 3 weeks ago and my 6 y.o. seems to have a worse attitude about school every day. In the evenings, he makes comments about how he wishes there was no such thing as school. In the morning, he's fine as we go through our routine, but when it's time to get in the car, he says his stomach feels upset. So I walk him into his classroom to make him feel a little better, then give him a hug and tell him to have a great day. This morning he was teary, and walking away from the school left me feeling uneasy, worrying about him all day. 

I've asked him if there's anything specific that's bothering him, but his response is always the day is too long and he doesn't like art, or having to practice his handwriting, things like that. I don't think he's having trouble or being bullied by other kids.  

I've talked to his teacher, and she says he's fine during the day. I think he lets all his emotion out just around me, and that's why all I hear/see only the negative. 

I know it's a normal thing for kids to find school to be a drag, but It really bums me out that he has such a negative attitude about school so soon. Any advice on how to help him be a little more positive about school?  

Re: 1st grader negative and emotional about school

  • My son can get like this from time to time.  I usually help him think of something to look forward to during school.  Is there a book in the classroom he enjoys reading?  P.E.?  Playing with friends at recess?  Eating pizza at lunch?

    If he's going through a bit of a rough patch where he seems more negative about school, I do what you did and try to suss out if there's a more serious problem.  If there's not (which is usually the case) then I am sympathetic, but I don't make a huge deal out of it.  I just help him stay focused on the positive.  If I respond too much, he begins to play up how miserable he is, and it can spiral out of control! 

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  • Is he getting enough rest? He might be struggling to enjoy himself because he's tired.

    If his stomach is getting upset, it sounds like he might be nervious about something. Does the teacher say how he's doing academically? Maybe there's something he's struggling with that he never did before.

    Have you talked to him about if he's being bullied?

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