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I've been warned

Just got a text from my wife:

"I am an emotional nightmare.  Get excited"

Even at her worst she usually isn't bad.  She doesn't hold a candle to the horror we see on tv or hear about through the grapevine.  At least I got a heads up.  I'll know what I am walking into when I get home from work.


Re: I've been warned

  • Oh dear well at least you got some warning
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  • Haha.  It had already been decided that I would be grilling burgers.  When I got home she was napping and that seemed to right the ship. 

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  • A warning and you came home to her napping....awesome. Count your blessings! There is nothing worst than driving home knowing that your wife is not happy with you...of life. 
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  • Bad news guys....

    Those "emotional nightmare" events do not go away post birth.  My mother has never once taken my side when it comes to my wife and I getting into spats.

    Since I am now the sole target of my wife's emotional, hormonal wrath, my mother actually looks out for me more than she ever has in my adult life.

    My wife says a lot of this post birth emotional stress has to do with her becoming a mother, being nervous about that, while losing her identity as a wife only and an independent woman.

    I am guessing none of us guys goes that deep with our emotions when it comes to being new dads....


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  • Chocolate. Ice Cream. Stat.
    -My son was born in April 2012. He pretty much rules.
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