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Should I go dairy and soy free AGAIN?

So, I figured out that my DD is a bit of a bottle and table food refuser (I am guessing from reflux building in to an aversion).  So, after trialing off of Prevacid, and seeing only a small amount of problems (little wet burps, but also a little better at eating her food).  So, she went from eating 10-15 oz/day (from 3-9 months old) to 15-20 oz/day.  She is 10 months old. 

Now, she is doing a lot better.  She ate 30 oz on Friday- a personal best!  She ate in the 20s before and after that.  When she ate the 30 oz, that night at 2 am, she woke up screaming and her body was super rigid.  I gave her gas drops and finally in the morning, she tooted and seemed better.  She always seems to have a struggle with sleep and tummy issues (well, I think it is tummy issues- she has these issues if she drinks too much milk it seems).  Her sleep has always sucked, but not sure if that is due to this or because we bedshared until 9 months, and by the end, neither of us could sleep well because she rolled so much.

Her diapers have always been super mucusy, which the Ped said was normal (I disagree and even brought in pictures, but they said still normal).  They have turned a little peanut-buttery now (sometimes still mucusy, depending if she will eat any foods with me that day or not).  I have seen some black specks that have looked like coffee grounds, and I am wondering if these are blood.  I have called the nurse at the Ped office, to ask about doing testing, and she said they would have the PA call me back.  She also said they won't take a diaper, that I have to collect a sample, but didn't specify how yet.  

How do I do this?  I work, and she goes to a center for daycare.  Will daycare have to do this, to get them it during Ped hours?  I am so confused.  Should I cut dairy and soy again?  I did this from 4 months to 7 months, on and off (for at least 6 weeks at a time each time) and it didn't improve her diapers or her eating totals, so I gave up on it.  It would kinda be a pain to do it now, since she is eating a bit of table foods (due to feeding therapy) and I will have to figure out a way to get her food at daycare (they feed her 2 snacks and lunch, and I don't know how they would heat stuff up- they heat up her bottles in a crock pot full of water).  I suppose they could do that with her food if I put it in tupperware.  Any suggestions, if we do go this route?  Should I wait to have her diaper tested, or would the sleep seem like it is enough to make a MSPI diagnosis?  I think I know the answer in my heart, I just don't want to have to cut it all out again.  It was really hard for me, and now that she is so limited on what she will eat (Cheetios are her favorite and most times only thing she will eat in a day) I worry that cutting out dairy will really affect us.  Last time we had her at the Ped, she hadn't gained an oz in almost 5 weeks.  So, cutting out food like dairy, where I can sneak fat in would really hurt us.  She hates avocado (my DS LOVED it when he was her age) so not sure if I should use olive or coconut oil instead on stuff?  Help!

Thanks :)

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Re: Should I go dairy and soy free AGAIN?

  • I am a nurse in a newborn/infant intensive care unit.  The test for occult blood in stool is super easy.  They can give you a kit that you pretty much smear poop on and mail it in if they don't have the stuff to do it in the office.  Although, usually bloody stools from milk protein allergy is more red/brown.  Have you thought about seeing a Pediatric GI specialist?  Hope that helps.
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