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nbr - need some prayers...

I am on a fb page for my applique/embroidery stuff and a girl just posted this. 

A friend of mines husband was murdered in Nashville Saturday night by two men he was meeting from Craig's list. They had been married for here months (to the day).

 Please pray for this wife.  I cant' even imagine.  and please be careful with craigslist!

Re: nbr - need some prayers...

  • how scary! Why was he murdered?? Did they know?

    Sending prayers her way. 

  • she didn't give many specifics other than he was shot in the chest.  :(  i don't know what he was selling or anything like that. 
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  • Wow, terribly sad for the wife and his family and friends.  Definitely not a good idea to sell guns via craigslist, but still doesn't really make sense since he wasn't even shot with one of the guns he was selling.  Just strange and tragic.  :(
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  • How awful. Sending prayers for sure. I am a criagslisting fool right now thinking about getting ready for #2. This is a good reminder I need to be careful and not meet alone. So so scary. 
  • So scary and sad! I've always been too scared to buy or sell anything on CL and this is a reminder why. 
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