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Washington Fertility Center?

Has anyone heard anything about this place or had any friends that went here?  Some reviews online look horrible but they are offering 50% off IVF for military veterans so its got me thinking.....
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7/2012- IUI #2 natural with HCG shot- banked sperm (BFN)
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11/13/12- IVF #1 Bravella 225/Menopur 150/Ganarelix, triggered with Lupron. 11/27- 8R/2M + 2 mature next day/ 4 fertilized/ 2 grade III with 20% fragmentation transferred back on day 3. No frosties. BFN. Boo :(.
Plan: New semen analysis in January and #2 IVF hopefully with fresh sample in March.

Re: Washington Fertility Center?

  • Never been there. I was very happy at Shady Grove.

     But the 50% off for vets sounds pretty great!

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