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Allergy or virus?

Maybe some of you can help me figure out what happened with my DD last night.

We spent the day at a nature center with a friend, she touched things in the visitor center but was in her stroller the whole time we were outside. We got home, played, had snacks, etc. More than four hours later she had a rash that started at her neck and spread all over her body. She also spiked a fever of 102.3. By the time we got in to the pedi about 2 hours later, she was covered in a rash head to toe but the fever was already down to 100.4 and she hadn't had any meds.

The pedi who said it looked like a virus but I'm not sure because today she is fine--no fever and the rash is almost gone. So was it an allergic reaction to something? No new foods yesterday but maybe environmental? (snacks were cherrios, apple cinnamon sticks and a pouch of pears)

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