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Wondering if I am missing something

I have been dairy and soy free for over 5 weeks and peanut free for a week. I feel like her mood has improved but the rest of the symptoms are still there. She gets bright red cheeks every once in a while but always has rosy cheeks and eczema. Just today her poop was neon green and had mucous. I am starting to wonder if her poop has always been "bad." Daycare told me she had diarrhea and I brushed it off thinking it was just BF baby poop. But now I'm wondering if it is far runnier than it should be and it is a food intolerance. 

The pedi just told me to cut out dairy. I chose to do soy and now peanuts on my own. I am contemplating corn next because I've been keeping a food diary and that's one of the only things I can think of.

Any insight? Maybe I am looking too far into it, but the whole reason I gave up dairy and soy was to fix the poop (that was the reason the ped said to cut it) and it hasn't really changed. I am so glad her mood is better but I don't know if it is related to the food. It is so hard to distinguish what is causing what.



Re: Wondering if I am missing something

  • Maybe try giving up egg/egg products?  Or even wheat?  My DS1 had the most horrible explosive poops and he ended up being allergic to dairy, soy, wheat, eggs, peanuts and tree nuts.  It was horrible.  It finally got better once we cut all of that out. 

    For DS2 after having many of the same issues very early on--we had his poop tested and he confirmed a very strong dairy allergy.   So we actually chose to just do Alimentum.  It was a LIFE SAVER.  He was so much happier than DS1 ever was--- and he's doing fantastic---even grew out of his dairy allergy from what I can tell.

    ETA:  I should add that for DS1 I BF'd for 19 months--so I was a big BFing person.  It killed me to have to give it up for DS2--but I knew it was best and that controlling MY diet was not the best for the entire family.  You really want to weigh your options. 

    We had allergy testing done at exactly 12 months. 



  • I would eliminate top 8 for two weeks to get the diaper under control then start adding things back in.  It is hard but completely worth it to know that your lo is not having gut problems.

    That being said, we are going onto formula soon because I can't keep up the diet (just taking another two weeks to finish reintroducing wheat and nuts, he failed milk, soy, eggs, fish) 

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  • Wheat and grains.. I agree with the dairy and soy as well. Childrens systems dont properly digest them until after the age of 2. Try sticking with mostly green anything.

    I don't have kids.. yet, but I eat fairly clean and esp now have been doing a lot of research. We arent made to digest the chemicals in a lot of processed foods. Try organic too. I'm allergic to different conventional foods (more the pesticides and whatnot) and have no reaction with organic.

    Its tough, but it can be done.. and stuck with. And its worth it. I'd rather pay for the food now than the healthcare later.

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