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Attachment Parenting in Chatham County or the Triangle?

I'm expecting for the first time, and am interested in learning more about baby-wearing, co-sleeping, baby sign language, elimination communication, etc. If anyone knows of any support groups, classes, or workshops in the area, please let me know! Or if there's anyone in the area that's also interested and would like to get together informally for some tea or something to learn together, I'd definitely be okay with that, too. I live in Pittsboro, which is a reasonable drive to Chapel Hill, Durham, Apex, Cary, etc. Raleigh is a little farther, but still doable if the class didn't meet too often.


Thanks! :)

Re: Attachment Parenting in Chatham County or the Triangle?

  • I don't know about that side of the Triangle, but I know SmartMomma's does a bunch of classes and functions as a base for some support groups for AP and elements of AP. They're in Raleigh, on Hwy 70 (near CarMax).

    My 2yo was a worn baby (still is sometimes with an ergo on the back!) and I've got no problem if you want to email or get together for tea sometime if you just want to talk. We skipped some of the other elements (EC, BSL) and loosely did others (co-sleeping was more "well, just for now....occasionally"). Unfortunately, I'm a terrible networker.

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  • SweetBottoms is right on the Raleigh/Cary border (Tryon Rd and Jones Franklin) and they do a lot of classes/meetup about natural parenting.

    Also, I would think the Birth Center in Chapel Hill would have some resources. It's worth checking out. 

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  • Thanks! I'm actually birthing at the birthing center, and I know they have lots of classes and breast-feeding on natural child birth that I'm planning to attend. I'm mostly interested in learning about some of the more out-there ideas, like elimination communication, since a lot of the other things I mentioned are becoming more main-stream and easy to find info on.

    I'll definitely have to check out SmartMomma's and SweetBottoms, though! I think I've heard of SweetBottoms before, but just as a baby/maternity boutique. I'm excited to see what else they offer :)

  • I know this isn't a class, workshop, etc but The Baby Book by Dr.Sears has a large section on attachment parenting and the book itself is geared toward the method through the first 2 years. It's a large book and a great price at $25
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