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Daycare search frustration ...

I have been searching for a daycare provider for my 9 months old son for about a week now and in researching/calling I keep getting responses that they are full or at capacity...sure there is a shortage of daycare providers, and prices go up every year, but we've encountered a couple of daycare where the fees are ridiculously HIGH!!! I understand you get what you pay for, but in this economy, how can parents afford to send their kids to any daycare (whether it is in a home or school setting). 

I am just ranting becuase of my frustration in searching for a daycare provider. Feel free to chime in if you like...



Re: Daycare search frustration ...

  • where are you located? have you looked at in-home providers? most of them don't maintain waiting lists and are reasonably priced. 
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  • I started looking about 2 months ago for my newborn for February 2013. I am on a wait list for 3 places.
  • At Sls99, it is good/smart that you are looking real early...lots of luck to you!!!

    After lots of researching and calling around I was able to find a home daycare for my son...phew! (in the Springfield, va area) I really hope this will work for us...she seemed real nice to work with ... Keeping my fingers crossed. SIGH...

    Also, not sure if yu've seen this but check out you can find local daycare in your area and the best part this website will tell you which daycare has violations filed against them... I found it to be very helpful.

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