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So what CAN I eat?

I've been avoiding dairy for 4 weeks at the advice of our pediatrican because DD had mucous in diaper and tested positive for blood in diaper.

Then I stupidly took my friend's advice and added goat cheese in to my diet - symptoms are back in full force.

So I cut out goats cheese.  I still drink almond milk.  I'm going to try this for a week or two but if it doesn't work I'll cut out the rest.  So my question is this:

after you cut out dairy, nuts, soy, corn, eggs and wheat...what is there left to eat?  I'll do whatever it takes; I'll eat anything.  But what CAN I eat?  I've read that even some veggies trigger allergies. 

I need a list of non-allergen foods!  help?

Re: So what CAN I eat?

  • I'm pretty sure goat's milk can mimic cow's milk. If you do want to go straight up TED, here's a link:

    but you might not have to do that. 



  • Our allergist said that cooked vegetables are much less likely to trigger a reaction than raw.  

    So, we live on fruits, vegetables and meats (no fish/shellfish).  You could also eat rice, quinoa, beans...  there are so many foods out there.  

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  • We have been on various allergy diets for the  past 9 years (as children grew and more were born, things changed). 

    What do you like to eat?

    What do you miss the most?

    Dairy subs = daiya cheese is not too bad, nutritional yeast added to noodles and a milk makes great mac-n-cheese, goats/cow/soy/almond milk are all out, but coconut milk is not (not a nut)

    Egg subs for baking = depends what you are making, but in general: 1/4 cup applesauce, 1 banana, water/oil/baking powder (google for amounts), flax goo (3 parts water to 1 part flax seeds...mixed in blender... TBSP goo is one egg)

    Breads = this will be tough, a lot of wheat subs contain corn, but tinyada pasta is good 

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  • coconut milk yogurt and ice can also cook with it.  Use egg is really hard in the beginning but it will get better.

    here is a pancake more approximations but come out pretty good

    1 cup whole wheat flour (can do white flour or a mix)

    3 tsp baking powder

    3 tbsp sugar

    3 tbsp canola oil

    2.5 cups water (i use milk but used to make it with water when ds was need to eyeball the consitency and add more or less if seems watery)

    1/8 tsp salt

    you an add banana or enjoy life choc chips (dairy,soy, nut, and egg free)


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  • There are a variety of ways to prepare rice, potatoes, and quinoa to keep things interesting.

    Bob's Red Mill makes a GF rolled oats.

    There are GF pastas made from brown rice, etc. 

    I'm not a big fan of rice cakes, but they are tolerable if you spread hummus on them. Really good hummus.

    I try to have salmon 2x a week to make sure I get some good Omega-3s in my diet. 

  • Eating clean is your best bet although I can have Lays potato chips and I found some non dairy semi sweet chocolate chips that I can have and cook with to make cookies. I agree with the previous poster who asked what are you missing the most?

    For me it was baked goods and I have found ways to make alternatives so that I could still satisfy my cravings.

    If your baby is not allergic to soy then you can have oreos. 

    There are some breads that are safe and deli meat (watch the label because not all are safe). Spaghetti is a good option for a quick meal. I make a power smoothie with bananas, chocolate almond milk and safe peanut butter (some peanut butter contains soy so watch out for that).

    edit to add: I didn't realize you also have to cut out eggs and nuts. That does add even more complexity. Just read labels. Look for stuff that is glutein free and dairy free. Amy's organic foods have some good stuff that meets all those criteria but more then likely you are going to have to eat clean. I have a veggie steamer that cooks my veggies very fast and they taste great. Then I change up the meat. Remember not to use vegetable oil and sub either olive oil or canola oil.

    I order stuff on the go from Taco bell alot (fresco style). Watch out for the sauce though as it contains soy. 

    Pita chips and humus are good as well. 

    sorry I am rambling. I am just trying to think about what I eat during the day LOL. It is tough but rewarding to see baby doing much better and no blood/mucous in his diapers!



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