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nbr: crockpot recipes

I'm looking for some good, inexpensive crockpot recipes.  we are on a mission to spend less!!  so cooking at home is a must.

is there a great site you guys could rec?

we are pretty picky and plain.  so nothing fancy schmancy :)


Re: nbr: crockpot recipes

  • skinny slow cooker on facebook
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  • Most of my recipes come from a big crockpot cookbook or pinterest.  Im pretty boring too but as long as there isn't a lot of prep, I'm willing to give it a shot! I was going to suggest that you buy your meats at SAMs.  I did that this month and can't believe how much it saved me.  It really wasn't even that much work splitting it up and freezing- don't know why I've put it off so long.  I bought a big pot roast and split it in 2 and froze it.  Next time I'll split it in 3.  I've got lots of different pot roast recipes so it doesn't seem like te same thing over and over. 






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  • One of our newest favorites is chicken n biscuits.  I can't remember where I found the recipe.  But it is really simple. 

    3 chicken boobs or whatever you have

    1 small bag frozen mixed veggies or any kind you like

    1 clove garlic

    1/4 diced onion

    2 cans of cream of chicken soup diluted with chicken stock (low fat)

    salt and pepper

    cook on low for 8 hours.

    shred up the chicken when you get home and cook the biscuits.  Serve the chicken mixture over the biscuits.


    Another new favorite is black bean soup.  There are tons of different recipes on line.  It's healthy and cheap. I took a few of them and combined them.

  • i lovelovelove this black bean soup recipe: http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/2008/02/crockpot-black-bean-soup-recipe.html

    i top it with parm and sour cream and serve it with a hearty bread - sooo good and freezes well. the whole site actually is pretty good.

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  • I love the Crockin Girls.  They have a website, plus they're on FB.  I've used a lot of their recipes, especially for soups and they've all been great.  So many things I would never even think to cook in a crockpot.
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  • Chicken for tacos or quesadillas

    2-4 chicken breast

    1 can rotel do not drain

    1 packet of taco seasoning


    Just cook for a few hours and then shred.  You can buy mild rotel and taco seasoning if the regular is too spicy for the kids. 

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  • I second pinterest. One of my faves is this Southwestern Chicken Soup:

     3 boneless chicken breasts

    1 can corn (drained)

    1 can diced tomatoes (not drained)

    1 can black beans (rinsed and drained)

    1 bottle beer

    1/2 box chicken broth

    1 onion diced


    I throw everything in except the chicken breasts. Then place breasts on top and push down so they are covered by the rest of the stuff. Cook for like 6-8 hours on low - shred chicken and mix it all up. Great with cornbread and topped with cheese and sour cream.

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