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What are the must have items for the first few months?

I am getting nervous that I won't have what I need. I still have two months to round it all up and a few showers to look forward to. Just want to make sure I am focusing on the right things and stocking up on what I will actually be needing.

So far I have clothes, wipes, a box of newborn diapers, swing, activity, bed, mattress, dresser, glider,bouncy seat, sleep sheep, blankets, boppy, swaddles, sleep sacks and a bjorn.


I figure I must have:


Car Seat

Snap n go


Pack n play-  Because I am planning to set it up downstairs and use it for changing so I don?t have to go up and down all day plus for naps while I am working.

Changing pad


Lamp for nursery

Breast pump


What am I missing?

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Re: What are the must have items for the first few months?

  • I would get some size one diapers in case you have a bigger baby--newborn diapers are very small and size one's hold more. 

    We got this little nursery fan that we used next to where we dried the bottles--I never found that they got quite dty without it.

    I would get something to sterilize bottles, pumping supplies.

    If you are planning to use Moms on Call, they have a list of supplies on their website that you need to follow their methods--I highly recommend them--my daughter slepy 8 hours at 4 weeks and 12 at 8 weeks with their help (we had them come to the house when she was 10 days old).  For instance, they have you buy an adult sound machine so we never used the sleep sheep that we had.

  • As 2 time mom I can tell you that you need to take care of YOURSELF too!  Being a new mom is a SHOCK to your system to be ready.  For those of your friends who are kinda baby-dumb and don't know what to get have them send a maid to your house or prepare some freezer dinners or get you a massage or pedicure GC. You are going to be great.  Good luck!!!!

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  • I think you will find you will have everything you need for the baby, and there will always be something you will want/need.  I agree, make sure you have the refrigerator stocked, frozen meals or something along those lines.  To not have to worry about that is huge!  Can't believe only 2 more months!
  • The lansinoh knock off wipes at Target (in the breastfeeding section) or cloth wipes to use with water at first. Regular wipes are too harsh on a newborn's little bum, those are really nice.   Diaper cream.  Lanolin and breast pads, and some of the soothies for your boobs, too.   Nursing tanks or bras and some PJs that you like for the hospital.  

    Those are things I would want to make sure I had at first.  Anything else you can get in 2 days on amazon :)  


    Good luck.  

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  • For sterilizing, get the Medela bags.  You can use each one 20 times and they are fast and easy.  Stock up on snacks that you can grab easily and each while BF'ing.  It takes a LOT of time and you will forget to eat and drink. 

    Other than the big stuff like a carseat, you'll learn as you go.  BRU or Target is a quick drive for your hubby. :)

  • Everyone listed great ones, but I have to say one thing we definitely used literally all the time were the burp cloths which were really gerber cloth diaper inserts. Regular burp cloths aren't absorbent at all - these were great:


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  • It looks good.  I would wait on the breast pump, but that's because I bought one and never used it since by baby wouldn't even consider latching on.  I rented the hospital one for the first month since it was stronger then decided I really didn't want to pump for ever.  Just might be an expense you want to wait on in my opinion.  


    I agree the Gerber diaper  inserts are awesome.  I also loved the Gerber waterproof changing pads, they kept me from having to wash the entire changing pad cover everyday.  I didn't use a snap and go (just laid the seat down in my normal stroller).


    One thing I did that was a really good idea was buy around 2 comfortable new non maternity outfits in a big size for me.  It was nice to have a few new things that I knew would fit, but to be out of my maternity clothes.  I think it just helped me feel better those first few days when everyone came to visit the baby. 

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  • I have a list for you!  This is my favorite topic!

    I posted my Top 25 Must-Have Baby Items on my blog (www.MommyMiaMonologues.com).  I wouldn't have maintained my sanity during baby's first year without these things.

    Hope this helps! :)

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