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NBR: Possibly moving in a few years!

My DH and I currently live in NJ. We have a 16 month old son. We are talking about possibly moving to NC in a few years. Neither of us knows much about the state and need some advice. Looking for family friendly neighborhoods with good schools. We are hoping to stay under 170,000 for houses. Would like to be near a large city (15 mins) but in a suburb.

Any advice is appreciated! 

Brandon Vincent
May 16, 2011


Re: NBR: Possibly moving in a few years!

  • Hey there! I'm from central NJ, I moved here in 2004. I've loved living in NC, I don't miss Jersey at all:) I live in Raleigh. It's a great area, tons of stuff to do, lots of great parks, all the stores you need etc.  The schools here (Wake County) are overall great but are {right now} a mess as to which school your child is assigned to, they are constantly changing their plans. 

    You may find some nice area in Raleigh with 170k homes, but I would definitely check suburbs of the area too. Garner, Apex, Morrisville, Cary, Holly Springs, and Wake Forest would be a good start. 


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  • Thank you so much for this info. It wont be for another few years but I like to research. What made you leave Jersey? 
    Brandon Vincent
    May 16, 2011

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  • My parents relocated near Jacksonville, NC and built their dream home. I was only 20, and couldn't afford to stay in NJ on my own. Jacksonville isn't where I wanted to live (the city feels crowded, and everything surrounding it is too rural) so I chose Raleigh. Two hours to the beach, 2 hours to the mountains and 2 hours from my family:) 
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  • Hi Brooke,
    A future welcome to NC.

    There are 5 basic areas to NC:
    1. Raleigh/RTP (includes Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex, etc)
    2. Charlotte
    3. The Triad: Greensboro, Winston Salem, High Point
    4. Mountains - Asheville
    5. Coast - Wilmington

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  • Thank you for this information! I am happy to see the breakdown. I am thinking i don't want to be too costal because of the possibilities of hurricanes, etc. I do like the idea of being somewhat close to a city no more then 15 miles but also have access to the other areas such as mountains!!

    PS: sorry for my signature. I keep editing it and it wont change. There is NO way I am really 109 weeks pregnant!

  • Hi,
    We are from Jersey too. : We been here a year this month. We like it but we do mess some stuff from Jersey. But the way of living here is so much better then Jersey plus its not expensive to buy a nice home.We live in Huntersville which is 20min from the city of Charlotte n 1hr from the mountain n 20min from the lake.We really like Huntersville so we are starting to look for our home.My little boy goes to a very good elementary which is rated a 10 on greatschool.com. It's nice to know there are other people coming down from Jersey :
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