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My little horror story.

I'm usually just a lurker on this bored, but I needed to vent this, and this seemed more appropriate than the EF board where I usually post...Anyway, a little back ground, I do childcare for one child, and he was not going to be here this week because of the holiday. So, I find this ad posted by a mom who has to work all weekend, and her daycare is closed. I needed to make up the money I lost this week, and she seemed to really need the help, so I offer to watch her 3 kids (5, 2.5, and 1.5) for $20 a day (I usually charge $30 for just one, but I must have lost my brain for a moment, and she seemed nice and really in need of help). So she drops off her kids, and hands me a bag of diapers, NOTHING else, no wipes, no extra clothes, not even food for them which I had asked her to bring. They all smell like cigarettes and animals. They are here 20 mins and start asking for food, so I make them all lunch, we're all sitting down eating and the 1 y/o starts hacking away with this terrible croup like cough, so I decide I have to get my son away so he doesn't get this, so off he goes with nana, while I try to get ahold of their mother...of course, no luck. The 2.5 year old poops, and then throws and all out tantrum when I try to change him....I put the 2 younger ones down for a nap, and the oldest starts asking for more food. He eats 2 bowls of cereal and a bananna before he's statisfied (I thinking the mother must be starving them)..They wake up I take them outside to play, I find out that they have all stuffed their pockets with my sons toys...The oldest one starts pulling bottles out of our recycle bin while I'm dealing with yet another tantrum, and he start throwing them over our fence. I ask what he's doing and he tells me he's getting rid of them becuase they're trash....Then the 2 year old picks up a small table we have outside and throws it at his sister.....During al of the this I think the 2 y/o used the F-word about 5 times, among othetr words. 10 hours later the mother comes to pick them up, and the 1st thing out of her mouth was "Were they bad?" I wanted to say so much but all I said was "To be honest, I'm sorry but I will not be watching them the rest of the weekend. We don't use the language they have been using in this house, or behave the way they have, and I just cannot deal with it.." ......Sorry for the long story...I needed to rant....I think I need to start looking for another way to make ends meet as a SAHM

Re: My little horror story.

  • Holy Moly. That breaks my heart for those kids. On a lighter note, would you watch my kids for $20 a day? Just kidding:)
  • Wow, that is horrible. 
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  • I think I would've had a hard time biting my tongue... how terrible.
  • imageemma58:
    Holy Moly. That breaks my heart for those kids. On a lighter note, would you watch my kids for $20 a day? Just kidding:)




    LOL!! Sure, but I think it would cost ya too much in gas!

  • Wow! I really feel bad for those kids.
  • I'm glad you held your ground, gave her some honest feedback, and refused to keep watching them.

    Are you SERIOUS, 10 HOURS, 3 kids, at $20????  Geesh you were losing your mind :)

  • Holy cow!!!  You are a saint!
  • Good for you for saying something to her. 

    If you really think she might be starving them, you might want to consider calling child protective services or your area family assistance department. 

  • Oh my. You are a saint!

    I just re-read your posting and then noticed you're in Bako. I grew up in Bako and moved away about 12 years ago. Now I visit a couple of times a year, as my parents still live there.  

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