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Im new here but my wife is on here all the time.

We just had a beautiful daughter June 23. Shes doing great, sleeps through the night and rarely cries. My wife had a good pregnancy, never complained, no sickness, nothing. She was her normal self the whole time.

 It took us 2 1/2 years to get pregnant last time.  Im ready to start trying to have another one esp since things went so well with this one.  We arent doing anything to prevent, but not really trying either.

I guess the question is, do yall have kids close in age or would you consider having another one close in age?

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  • I was born in January 87, my sister was Dec of 87.

    We fought a lot, but we are also pretty close. I can't speak from a parent's perspective, but from one of the actual childs- it was pretty cool.


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  • We are planning on trying for number two as soon as the doctor says it is okay to. We are middle aged, so time is more important than how close they will be to each in age.

    We also do not want to raise an only child.  I was an only child, and while I know that I am loved a great deal by my parents, I was the center of attention for all my years as a child. It was not fun growing up without a sibling to shield me from their attention.


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  • We didn't go that close.  We started trying pretty much right around when our son turned 1 1/2.  Our 2nd will be born when our 1st is roughly 26 1/2 months old.  If it took you a while to conceive, you may want to start early, but you might wind up catching a break and having 2 under 1, which I'd imagine is a great deal of work.
  • We would like to have our kids close in age too. Ideally we would like to wait about a year so they have 15-20 months between the two. My wife is an only child and didn't like it and my brother is 8 years older than me and we never got along and pretty much don't now.

    We would like to do everything possible to avoid those situations. Plus we both feel that kids should have a support system too. Someone to grow up with, be competitive with, play with, etc. We both missed out on that.

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