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XP: Colonoscopy, has LO had one?

Has anyone's preschooler been through this? There is a 3-4 week cleansing prep of daily laxatives and stool softeners :( I'm not really sure how I can send her to school while doing this. Its kind of a mess each time she goes, and we had multiple underwear changes today, no further explanation needed. So, if your LO has been through this, can you share your experience with me? I'm thinking I need to keep her home until I see if she is "going" on a regular schedule. Like only pooping in the mornings (she is in school pt) and then send her after? Also, one last thing, after only 2 days, her bottom is sore... Ideas, tips, sympathy, anything??
Josie Cailin 7/25/08 Asher Mason 7/19/10

Re: XP: Colonoscopy, has LO had one?

  • My son has been through it twice. First time at 12 months then again at 17 months. Not sure why the prep process is so long for you. We start the prep process the day before the colonscopy, and that was for all ages too.They have a big breakfast the day before, then after breakfast its just clear liquids, jello, popsicles, etc..Around 2pm they start drinking miralax mixed with gatorade every 15 min until they have clear diarrhea. I would ask your doctor why they would start the prep process so early.

    My son constantly has a sore bottom from constant bm's. The best I've found is the purple container of desitin and warm baths throughout the day. The best would be to let them run around naked but with my LO pooping so much its not really an option. You can also try A&D mixed with cornstarch.

    Good Luck....its not fun at all :(

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